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‘At Apeejay, teachers conduct regular public speaking activities’

Saru Thind, mother of Apeejay students Gurchet Singh Thind and Gurveer Singh Thind, says during the pandemic, the faculty pulled out all the stops to take care of the educational and emotional needs of students.



Saru Thind with her spouse Jatinder Singh Thind and children Gurchet Singh Thind and Gurveer Singh Thind 

Saru Thind has done her Graduation and Masters in English and is now a homemaker. Her spouse Jatinder Singh Thind is in the business of Software Development and Web Designing. Their two kids are studying in Apeejay schools. The elder one, Gurchet Singh Thind, is studying in class 10 of Apeejay Mahavir Marg while Gurveer Singh Thind is studying in class 5 of Apeejay Model Town. In a candid interview, Saru elaborates the critical role of Apeejay schools in the all-round development of her kids. Edited excerpts:  

What made you pick Apeejay?

I share a close and personal relation with Apeejay. All my brothers, sisters and cousins have studied from Apeejay. Based on my experience, I was fully convinced that there’s no other school apart from Apeejay that provides the best holistic education to students. You will be surprised to know that both my husband and I have studied from a convent school, but for our kids we picked Apeejay without a second thought.

How has your experience been till now?

My kids have developed holistically over the years thanks to the constant support of teachers. Gurchet passionately participates in debates and other public speaking competitions. Gurveer too does compering, but his heart lies in Arts and Crafts. One of the prime objectives of teachers is to polish the communication skills of the students by giving everyone in the class an opportunity to speak. They regularly conduct public speaking activities in the class that boosts the confidence of students.

Tell us about the teachers.

During the pandemic, they pulled out all the stops to take care of the educational and emotional needs of students. However, the task wasn’t easy. The faculty had to tend to their domestic responsibilities and track the progress of their children, while planning lessons for students and ensuring that no child is left behind. Of course, virtual classrooms cannot replace the traditional classrooms, but Apeejay teachers make sure that all learning gaps are filled. Apart from academics, all sorts of activities, contests and games were conducted at regular intervals. The teachers also share an excellent rapport with parents and are readily available to discuss the progress of their children. No wonder, parents and teachers work as a team.

Share with us your fondest moment.

I was on cloud nine when Gurchet scored 99 percent in CBSE class 10 Term 1 board exams. I am also happy with the rapid progress of Gurveer in the last couple of years. To begin with, Gurveer was an average student, but over the years his growth in academic and non-academic spheres has been exceptional.

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