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‘Art is a reflection of our imagination’

This budding artist from Apeejay tells us how sketching has captivated here since a decade ago



Manpreet Kaur is a student at Apeejay Institute of Management and Engineering Technical Campus. She is also a budding artist who has an innate ability to sketch and paint exceptional artworks. 

Selected as this week’s Artist of the week, Manpreet gives us a glimpse into her artistic mind. Edited excerpts:

Since when did you start drawing?

Almost ten years ago. I began in 2012 and since then art has been my best friend. 

Which art form interests you the most?

Sketching! Because it is a unique method and it makes one connect with themselves and others. It requires great concentration and I am totally one with myself when I sketch. 

How would you define art?

It is an expression of human imagination. We give our thoughts a shape through colours. 

Very nicely said! So how much time does it take you to complete an artwork? What are the common ideas and themes?

It takes me about 4 to 5 hours to finish an artwork.  I prefer sketching over any other method. This is simply the best. 

 Upcoming artworks?

My friend’s sketch. I am working on that with a lot of joy at present. . 

 A new artform you wish to learn?

Digital art! It captivates me a lot. 

 Lastly, other hobbies apart from art?

Gaming! Like all Gen Z kids I too love it. 

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