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Apeejay School International has groomed my daughter very nicely: Dr. Gouri Hasija



Dr. Gouri Hasija with family

A Homeopathic physician by profession, Dr Gouri Hasija (47) is the proud mother of Lavanya (14) and Aditi (9). Both of them are students of Apeejay, but one is enrolled in a CBSE school while the other has gone in for IB Board schooling. Her husband, Captain Akshay Hasija, is a pilot with Vistara Airlines. While talking to the Apeejay Newsroom, Dr. Gouri says exposure to conceptual learning helps a child’s personality to blossom.

How is Lavanya as an elder sister?
Lavanya is studying at Apeejay School, Panchsheel Park, in Class 10. She is a very caring child. If we compare her to her younger sister, she is not as confident as Aditi is. Lavanya is shy, but she loves to swim. She loves going out and watching movies.

Tell us a little more about Aditi?
Aditi got an opportunity to study in Apeejay School, International. She is in class 5. She is a fun-loving child. She wants to play. She watches videos. She keeps on playing online games with her friends and reading books.

Why did you choose ASI for Aditi?
Initially when I had to get Aditi admission to kindergarten, it was not functional in Apeejay. So I made her join Rhythms Kinderworld in Greater Kailash. As time passed, we came to know that Apeejay is starting an IB board institution based on experiential and research-based learning. I thought we could give a try and see the difference in teaching as my elder daughter is in CBSE in Apeejay itself.

What are differences that you’ve perceived in the education of your daughters?
Both my daughters are different in nature. Maybe, since Aditi got the exposure of conceptual learning since childhood, her personality is coming out well. As mentioned earlier, Aditi is more confident than Lavanya. The levels of knowledge are very different. IB kids are much more aware about everything around them. Also, the class strength in CBSE schools is 50 plus, but in an IB school it is much smaller. Proper one-on-one attention is given to the children.

Any plans to shift Lavanya to ASI?
Keeping in mind the financial constraints due to the pandemic, we don’t have any plans to shift Lavanya to ASI, at least in the near future. But I wish she could also study at ASI.

Any changes that you noticed in Aditi after admission to ASI?
I can see Aditi excelling as an independent and confident child. ASI has groomed her very nicely. Well we hope that this continues in future as well in the leadership of the Principal, Purshottam Vashishtha and his team of talented, caring, strong and intelligent teachers who all have been supportive throughout.

Which board would you recommend to your peer groups?

Without any doubt an IB Board.

IB is completely research-based teaching which is done by the students themselves which makes the child more inquisitive, curious and independent.

– Dr. Gouri Hasija

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