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By Sumanyu Sethi 

I recently attended a guest session at Apeejay School International – South Delhi. Ms. Gurleen Kaur, an interior designer, took the workshop and educated students about the field of architecture and design.

That day, I learnt that design is a process which helps you to create an experience and that there are many fields that come under it. It is the result of things we hear as well as feel. In order to be a great interior designer, you not only need to have an eye for design or love for it, but these components must be kept in mind:

·         Strong problem-solving skills

·         Collaborative and organisation skills

·         Being a good team player

·         Having the ability to create spaces that cater to the demand of the client

Also, in order to create a design, you must meet the client and understand their vision and ideas. Post that, try to figure out how you can transform their ideas into reality. You must make the estimation and identify the budget of the materials which you will use for a design. Further, create 2D drawings and give them a special effect by making them 3D on a digital platform such as AutoCAD.

This planning will help express your creativity which is an important aspect of being a designer.  You should understand the elements of art which will allow you to make something aesthetically beautiful.

Further, a few occupations which are connected to interior design are: