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8 superfoods to include in your child’s diet this winter

With winter comes coughs, colds, and sniffles, to keep your kid hale and hearty these plant-based vegetables can help



Sitting out on a cold winter night around a bonfire telling ghost stories while sipping hot cocoa or huddled under a quilt and having soup is what we all want winter nights to be. However, this can’t always be achieved as the season brings with it cough, cold, and sniffles. This is commonly seen in children. Most parents dread winters since it brings a plethora of health issues for their children.

So what is it that parents can do this winter to ensure that their kids’ immunity is high? The answer lies in giving children foods that will help in keeping diseases at bay. This is where superfoods step in.

What are superfoods?

These are foods that are mostly plant-based. Superfoods are considered to be full of nutritional value and therefore good for one’s health. According to Dr Rakhi Chottrra, a dietician, practising homeopath and mother of Nyesha Chottrra (of Class VII) of Apeejay School, Model Town in Jalandhar said that superfoods are foods that have some specific nutritive value that boosts your immunity, and overall growth and development.

“There is a big role that such foods play especially among children; more so in winter. Children get coughs, colds, flu, and even sniffles. Superfoods can help in preventing a few of these and keep the kids safe; these foods can boost their immunity and even keep them warm during cold days,” Dr Chottrra explained.

There is a reason why we must eat seasonal vegetables, she said. “Not only do these vegetables tasty, but they also boost immunity and keep the body warm and healthy during the cold days,” Dr Chottrra said.

Here is a list of eight superfoods to include in your child’s diet this winter.

Turnip: The vegetable is rich in vitamin C. It also has vitamin K in it. Turnip has vitamin A beta-carotene); it even has antioxidant-rich flavonoids in preventing illnesses at bay.

Broccoli: It has vitamin B (B9), especially thiamine. Vitamin B9 also called folate is an important nutrient for the development of the foetal brain and spinal cord. It is also rich in beta-carotene.

Green leafy vegetables: Winters bring several leafy veggies that are good for the kids. Fenugreek leaves (methi) and mustard leaves (sarson ka saag) are a few greens that do wonders for them. The green pigment in these is excellent for children’s growth. Green leafy vegetables have fibre too which helps improve bowel movement in kids.

Cauliflower: All cruciferous vegetables like arugula, Brussels sprouts, and collard beans including cauliflower and broccoli are high fibre. To prevent constipation in kids, including these in the diet is essential. One can make cauliflower parantha which the kids relish.

Spinach: This vegetable requires a special mention. This is because it is very rich in iron. It is a very good source of protein, this is good for younger kids. In fact, spinach (palak) is a complete superfood; it has vitamin K, and traces of calcium. When it comes to superfoods, spinach ranks at the very top.

Carrots: Again, these are a fantastic source of beta-carotene which in turn gets converted into vitamin A in the body. This is good for eyesight and it boosts immunity. It has vitamin B as well.  Carrots strengthen bones which is good for growing kids. The vegetable also has calcium and vitamin K, both are necessary for bone health.

 Cabbage: While giving raw cabbage to the kids should be avoided, this vegetable is loaded with antioxidants, is full of nutrients – packed with vitamin C, and helps improve digestion. Parents should wash this veggie in water and add a bit of vinegar to remove any impurities. Also, this vegetable should be given in a cooked form.

Brussels sprouts: We all know how kids hate eating veggies. But since they are packed with vitamins and minerals, including them in the diet makes them superfoods to have this winter. Brussels sprouts are high in fibre, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. This means that they boost immunity and keep several illnesses away. A perfect vegetable to include in your child’s diet this winter.

“Spinach is a complete superfood; it has a lot of iron, vitamin K, and traces of calcium”

Dr Rakhi Chottrra, dietician & Homeopath

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