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That spooky night



By Dhriti Goswami

Have you ever sensed someone behind you?

I wasn’t always scared of ghosts or spirits, even though I knew there was some kind of negative energy present in my house. And there was an incident that shook me.

The story begins with Halloween‘s Day. My sister had gone with her friends in the neighbourhood, while my parents were at a relative’s place for some work.

As I told earlier, I wasn’t always scared of ghosts, so I decided to watch a horror movie and to add cherry to the cake, I made myself popcorns and salsa.

My eyes were glued to the television, and so I couldn’t keep the track of time. So when the movie got over it was already 9 pm. I asked my parents about their arrivals, but due to some work they couldn’t come back home and stayed  at relative’s place.

After knowing this, I went into the kitchen to find something to eat, and then I remembered about my sister. I was worried and panicked and went into the balcony to search for her. I was shocked to see such eerie silence and didn’t even see a single sign of my sister. I came back to the living room.

I picked my phone to call her friends and enquire about her whereabouts. Suddenly I heard a knock. At first, I thought this might be the after effect of the movie. So I carried on with my work.

I was able to call her friend Riya,

I asked her “Are you guys back home?”

She replied ‘Yes’

Then I enquired about my sister “Is she at your place?”

I was hoping for a positive answer, but in between I heard a knock again, this time being much louder and clearer.

My whole attention this time was on the sound of knock.The phone suddenly hung up and I didn’t understand how it happened!

I was again going to call her and I heard a loud pounding on the door. So I decided to open the door to check.

I found a Halloween bag with a note saying “Didi, don’t worry, I am behind you only- Diya”

I knew my sister, so I thought it was her, playing a prank on me.

I dropped the note and turned back.I spotted no one but heard a giggle.

It was 10 pm at night. I was frustrated and angry. I  shouted “Diya stop it!”

I was still in a dilemma that I heard that laughter and thenI saw someone speedily passing by, there was a shadow.

I kept on repeating “Diya is it you? Diya??”

Somewhere deep down, I knew this wasn’t right. Something is going to unfold and at that moment, again I saw someone passing swiftly. This time I followed the shadow and saw someone standing at the end of the corridor in utmost darkness.

It was my sister standing straight and staring at  me. I went into the room and saw her looking at me with a knife in her hand. She came right towards me and I moved back, she started running towards me with a knife in her hand, I knew it wasn’t her.

After a few minutes, I saw my sister fainted on the floor and the time was 12 am.

I woke up with a sudden jerk and was sweating heavily. I looked up at the clock, it was 9 pm 31st October.

I was scared and thought, will this dream repeat itself?

Suddenly, I heard a knock on the door. 

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