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You can get quality education in small towns: Rajdeep Kaur Dhillon



Rajdeep Kaur Dhillon

Rajdeep Kaur Dhillon is currently working as Branch Manager in ICICI Securities. She did her MBA from Apeejay Institute of Management & Engineering Technical Campus (AIMETC), Jalandhar in 2014-16. In a freewheeling interview she explains how AIMETC made her career ready and why trusting your strengths is so crucial…

What made you seek admission into AIMETC?
Like many students from small towns, I was under the impression that doing MBA from metros carry more weightage as compared to smaller towns. But, I didn’t want to move out and in Jalandhar there were two options – AIMETC or Lovely Professional University. So, my parents got me admitted in AIMETC due to its credibility and brand value. In the short interview round before admission, I got an intuition that my journey in AIMETC would be fruitful. My two years in AIMETC has shattered the myth that quality education is only confined to metros.

What did you like about AIMETC?
The best part about AIMETC is that they focus on the holistic development of students. The institute never discriminates with students on any grounds. Everyone gets equal opportunities to hone their skills. The faculty has created an environment where students can freely discuss their problems and aspirations. Initially, I was worried whether I would get placement opportunities or whether good companies would visit our campus, but I got more than my expectations. Another thing I like about AIMETC is that they conduct regular mock sessions and personal interviews. This helps release your inhibitions. Not surprisingly, in my batch almost all students bagged placements. I am still in constant touch with all my teachers.

What is the ultimate guide to do well in placement drives?
I got selected in two companies and didn’t face any hiccups. I think the key to bag placement offers lies in doing thorough preparation. As I have explained, AIMETC trained me in such a way that I didn’t feel nervous or scared during the selection process. But, I would like to mention a couple of points. During interview, don’t commit to working in different locations or verticals if you are not comfortable with it. It’s also important to clarify your terms of engagement and know about the growth opportunities. Also, it is important to be sure of your strengths. If 10 people in the group say there’s no growth in Sales and you know in your heart that Sales is where you see yourself in future, then just go for it.

What did you learn from your job?
Don’t believe in rumours being spread about a particular company by disgruntled employees. When I joined ICICI Securities, I was told to switch my job within 6 months of joining as ICICI Securities is not a good workplace for women. But, here I am as a Bank manager. I have grown by leaps and bounds and got four promotions in five years and won numerous awards.

“The faculty of AIMETC sits individually
with students who are not performing up to their
potential or they are bogged down by some problem. The faculty has all the
time for students.”

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