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Who are aliens?



By Vipul Sonik

In this article, we are going to discuss how the Earth came into being and how it might end. Now, you might think that it may have started by the Big Bang Theory or God. We don’t know that.

But, still if we think that the Earth can be destroyed due to various reasons like an asteroid or a natural calamity, by God or due to nuclear explosion, there are many theories circulating regarding the same. Some masterminds like Elon Musk even say that they might take us to Mars if the Earth is about to be destroyed.

If this happens, then we might go to Mars and stay there. We would obviously have more advanced technologies by then. We may find some rare tech-stuff there too. Now, we know how the Earth might end but how do we get to know about ‘aliens?’

Now, think about it. If there wouldn’t be life on the Earth again, then what would the people call us? “ALIENS”. Yes, they will think we are aliens. And then, we might try to get in touch with them. Our technological devices would be made from the materials found in Mars which includes Palladium. This was one of the newest elements found in the Periodic Table. It is the most in America and they discovered it in UFO crashes. This proves that what we call aliens might have been our past lives. And that, they might be our future too.

If you liked this article, here is what you need to know about its writer. Vipul Sonik, a 12-year-old boy who wants to be a xenoarchaeologist and ufologist.

“I got this idea while talking to my father. We were watching a show named, ‘Upanishad Ganga’, and he told me that whatever goes around comes around. What he meant by that was, in one of the episodes, the parents of a boy were struggling while their son was wasting their money. He did not care about his parents and treated them badly. Then, my father told me that if someone hurts another then that person will also experience the harm he caused. He will get punished for his bad deeds someday. And, this idea made me thinking…”