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VIDEO: Web Symposium to commemorate the ‘World Intellectual Property Day’



World Intellectual Property (IP) Day is a celebration of IP’s role in stimulating innovation and creativity.  That’s why, School of Legal Studies in collaboration with School of Biosciences, Apeejay Stya University organised a Web Symposium on 26th April to commemorate the ‘World Intellectual Property Day’.  Its theme: “Intellectual Property: Science and Public Policy Perspectives”.  In the inaugural address, Prof. R.S. Dhankar, Vice Chancellor, Apeejay Stya University linked Intellectual Property to human resource. “An organisation has five capital ends: men, money, machine methods and markets. If these are managed well then an organization flourishes.  Among these five capitals, human resource is the most critical one. It’s in this context that we have to see the importance of intellectual property.” Prof. R.S. Dhankar exhorted students to think freely, be open-minded and question everything. This will create a culture that will foster intellectual revolution.

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