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Want to succeed in life? Positive thinking will take you places!



By Raghav Gupta

“Keep your face towards the sunshine and you will never see the shadow”-         Anonymous

Positive thinking leads a man towards success. One who thinks that s/he can achieve great things will put their best foot forward. They would not be deterred in the face of problems and would have self-confidence, determination and the perseverance to succeed. A positive mindset does not mean that we should stop noticing bad things around us but it simply means that we must try to seek solutions in a productive fashion instead of whining about them.

Life is a battle and one has to fight it fearlessly. Confidence, positive attitude, right aptitude paired with determination and concentrated efforts makes a winner. It is said that fortune favours the brave and God helps those who help themselves. A coward and pessimist person cannot find the daring to fight in such a race. It is an optimist who has a chance at success.

When Lokmanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak, the legendary Indian freedom fighter said, “Swaraj is my birthright,”  people joined him owing to his positive thinking and determination to fight. Organised efforts in the right direction and striking at the opportune time earned him the respect he commanded.

The power of positivity is immense and it makes everything possible. According to me, our biggest asset is enthusiasm which enriches our positive thinking. We must never lose hope and aspire to be a winner. Life belongs to the ambitions and therefore by inculcating some good habits such as reading, writing, exercising, and staying focused – we can imbibe the power of positive thinking. 

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