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Time you savoured Delhi’s street food delicacies



By Ananya Klikdar

“Food is not rational. Food is culture, habit, craving and  identity” – Jonathan Safran Foer

Do your eyes go all big and wide as soon as someone says food? Mine did, the moment I shifted to Delhi. For a second, I was mesmerised when I looked at the vast array of street food served in the city along with delicacies from other parts of India and world. I was sure that I wanted to take a street food tour and most importantly revel in the moment while enjoying the city’s aesthetic, authenticity, rich culture and so on. Delhi is a hub for street food shopping and the Capital bears the traces of many historic empires. Its culture  and tradition are just fascinating, portraying India’s rich diversity.

And so, the cuisines of the capital are something worth  mentioning. The  blend  of  ancient  Indian  and  Mughal‑style  cuisine  is  now  known  as the  authentic Delhi cuisine. Karim’s one of the famous restaurants in  Delhi, brings  the  wonders  of  Mughal  cuisine  on  our  plates. In times past, Mughal emperors and empresses loved the food cooked by their skilled royal cooks who used the best of spices and ingredients for preparing the Mughal delicacies. The kitchens of Karim’s are  popular  for  doling  out  a  refined  and  royal  experience of the olden times and you’ve got to check it  out

At the same time, a number of the simple yet amazing street foods that I’ve tried so far are spicy gol gappe, tikkis, chole  bhature,  chole  chawal,  momos,  kachori  chaat,  kulhad  wali  chai, and the list continues. It  has  always  been  a  mouthwatering and satisfactory experience for me.  

Adding to this street treat, I can’t forget to mention the popular paranthas at Paranthe Wali Gali in Chandni Chowk. Well there’s more – you can also try the sabzi kachori, badam halwa, chole kulche,  karachi  halwa,  chaat  and falooda right there. Most  of  these places are decades old, some have been in business for almost a century. It’s no different in other parts of the city. 

My journey so far has been really tasteful. What about yours? No cravings for butter chicken or dal makhani yet!