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This 15-year-old genius invents a solution to power shortage

Adam Bashneen, class 9 student of Apeejay School, Saket, creates a “power belt” which won him the first position in Inspire Manak Awards.



Adam Bashneen’s invention the “power belt” creates energy as a person walks, jogs or runs while wearing it. And this stupendous invention has won the young genius first position in the recently held Inspire Manak Awards at both the school and district level. Not just that, his invention has also qualified for the state level of the same.

Speaking to the Apeejay Newsroom in an exclusive interview, the budding robotics engineer explains the workings of this newly-invented belt and how it is the most comfortable, convenient and cost-effective energy producing source for all people. 

Read edited excerpts:

I have been into science and inventions for a long time. Back in class 3 I had made a working model of the sun as well. Steve Jobs is my role model. I have read his biography and what inspires me the most is that Steve Jobs made a mobile phone in his garage. Clearly, then we can also do our bit for the world, what’s stopping us?

The basic idea that went behind this invention is the global need for an alternative energy production method. In today’s world, global warming is a huge problem. Therefore, all of us have to think out of the box to find a solution. I felt that for this, we need an appliance that we are using in our everyday life. This way it will be very convenient, comfortable and cost effective to create energy. It can then also be freely used by anyone, even people living in rural regions or those in areas with frequent power cuts.

The power belt is nothing but the normal belt that we wear everyday.  We attach a lithium battery to the belt. The battery is meant to store the energy. A battery charger contains the battery and it is placed on the belt. Then we have a dynamo that acts as a generator. There is also a flywheel and two unequal weights. 

When a person will walk, jog or run,  the unequal weights will move, then the axle joined to the dynamo will be turned by the flywheel which has a coil on it. The axle rotates between the coils which produces energy. The energy produced can be used to charge one’s mobile and also other appliances. This invention has the potential to solve the problem of power shortage.

I had made this when I was in class 7 during the lockdown. It took me 2 months to conceptualise the idea. The making was not cost effective, all I needed was a regular belt. The battery charger and dynamo were not expensive. My grandfather, Mr Iqbal, supported me a lot. He is deeply passionate about science and inventions. Together we came up with this idea and he was very happy when it came to fruition. 

After submitting the proposal for the idea at the school level, it won the first position and got nominated to the district level competition. I had to submit the working model there. It then took me about 3-4 months to prepare the belt. I even used the energy produced through the belt to charge my mobile. 

Principal sir and my science teacher Ms Sarita Chawla ma’am have supported me a lot. I thought of this belt during the lockdown and even during those dark times, Sarita ma’am was always there to guide me and inspire me. My school has always motivated me throughout my entire journey. 

Additionally, I also went to Yale University in the USA for an internship in engineering and technology. I gained a lot of experience in this field during my time there.

I am planning to apply for the Inspire Manak Awards next year as well. So, there are some ideas and inventions up my sleeve but as of now I can not share them with you.

I want to be a robotics engineer and invent something that can create a revolution. My aim is to make inventions that lead to the betterment of humanity and serve the world. 

Arijit Roy is a young correspondent at Apeejay Newsroom. He has done his masters in English literature from Delhi University and has a book of poems published by Writers Workshop India. He can be reached at [email protected].