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There’s huge emphasis on extra-curricular activities at Apeejay School, Model Town, Jalandhar: Sukhwinder Kaur



Mrs. Sukhwinder Kaur with her husband Mr. Rajinder Singh Teji and childre Jaanveer Singh Teji and Upkeerat Kaur

Mrs. Sukhwinder Kaur is a government teacher while her husband Mr. Rajinder Singh Teji is a Judicial Magistrate. They are proud parents of Jaanveer Singh Teji and Upkeerat Kaur. The former is in class 6, while the latter is in class 2 of Apeejay School, Model Town, Jalandhar. In an interview, Mrs. Sukhwinder explains how a positive school environment helped her children flourish.

You must have multiple options before you. What made you pick Apeejay?
As per rules, my husband is transferred after every three years. We were in Ludhiana when we were intimated that we have to shift to Jalandhar. I was informed by my friends that Apeejay would be the best school for my kids. We were also aware that a lot of other Judicial Magistrates have got their children admitted in Apeejay. This made our decision easier and we got Jaanveer and Upkeerat admitted in classes UKG and 4 respectively.

How has your experience been so far?
I had a great experience till now. I have seen up close the development of my children. Let me first start with Upkeerat. Initially, she was a bit shy and reserved, but over time she became quite expressive and open after gaining confidence from participating in various extra-curricular activities. The best thing I like about Apeejay is its focus on extracurricular activities. We are of the firm belief that studies are important, but extracurricular activities are equally important. They help students to learn about themselves and aid the development and growth of their confidence. I have noticed how confident Upkeerat sounds while talking to her teachers. Coming to Jaanveer, he too is making great progress. He was awarded the Scholar Badge and recently anchored an online show and gave an impeccable science presentation. He is learning the guitar and the school music teacher is guiding him appropriately.

Are you happy with the teachers?
Yes, they explain the subject in detail. Even during online teaching they are giving their best and you can get in touch with them without any hesitation. I get timely updates on the progress of my children which is a huge relief for working mothers. Let me share an anecdote with you. Last year, due to the lockdown, I used to take Upkeerat along with me to my school. She used to take online classes from the staff room while I used to give online classes to other students. My colleagues used to keenly observe Upkeerat and they used to inform me that Apeejay teachers are quite good.

Please share with us some memorable moments.
Sure. Both my children participated in the Annual Day Function 2019. Jaanveer was the show starter of the event. He played Lord Shiva and gave a terrific dance performance on ‘Namo Namo’. Upkeerat also took part in an exciting act showcasing ‘Life Cycle of a Butterfly’. My husband has a pretty hectic schedule, but he still took an hour off from work to watch his children perform. Their performance received rave reviews from teachers and other parents.

“My children are academically sound, but without the extracurricular activities offered by Apeejay they would have lacked all-round development. Their self-confidence has soared by continuously performing in front of others.”

— Sukhwinder Kaur

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