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Teachers: The guides of our destiny



By Dharneet Kaur

“A teacher plants the seeds of knowledge, sprinkles them lovingly with hope and then patiently nurtures a student’s growth to produce tomorrow’s achievers.”

Life without knowledge is empty. All of us are born to learn, gather as much information as we can, so that we can brighten our future and to be useful members of society. But, there must be someone to guide us at each step, point out our mistakes, encourage us to put in our best efforts and to be our backbone till the time we can stand tall.

In doing so, teachers play a vital role in a student’s life. There is no age bar for learning and there is no limit for a teacher to ignite the quest for knowledge in their pupil. Teachers always stand by our side, to help and give their best.

If I find myself in a situation where I would have to choose either my teachers or God, I would always choose my teachers first, because they are the ones who have directed me and shown me the way to God. Without their guidance, the purpose of one’s life remains hidden. They have the sharpest eyes to identify each student’s unique quality and help them utilise it optimally.

The first teachers we have in this world are our parents, as they show us the right path, irrespective of how old we have grown. From life lessons to helping us in our studies, including all the maths problems, they solve everything.

They always try their best to provide us with all the resources and the right education, and work hard day and night so that we don’t suffer. They send us to schools which are temples of knowledge and this is the time of life where we can make our base strong.

But doing all this for them is impossible without the support from teachers, the real heroes. All that we achieve in our life is because they were behind it; and there was someone to push and boost our confidence to make us realise that nothing is impossible.

Teachers are not the ones who just explain to us the chapter of a particular subject, but give a wide vision of everything they know. They imbibe human qualities in us along with morals, besides narrating interesting stories. They ensure that they prepare us for all challenges in the future. Their words can only be felt by an honest learner.

Although Teachers’ Day is observed on September 5 in India, for me every day is incomplete without getting lessons from my teachers. According to me, we should learn to help people by providing them education, the most prestigious gift on earth.  As a saying goes: A teacher is just like a candle that consumes itself to light the way for others.