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‘Soaring high is my nature’



By Janvi Sharma

Hard work is one of the keys to success. To understand this article, we should first know the meaning of the topic. ‘Soaring high is my nature’ is not about flying but touching the heights of success.

As we all know, every person has a hidden quality in them and if we can find that out, the journey to success can become easier. We should believe that everything is possible. All we have to do is ‘try’. If a person makes an effort, he/she can easily touch the heights of success in lesser amount of time.

And, happiness can also be an important source that can help you reach heights. When a person is happy he/she develops an interest in studies and other activities which can lead to a successful career.

In fact, parents also play a major role in our success, be it big or small. They provide us with all the facilities and support and even inspire and encourage us. Meanwhile, teachers provide us with ample knowledge and moral teachings.

All these things come under the motto of our school “Soaring high is my nature”. And so, Apeejayites, like myself, believe that hard work and dedication can lead to a successful and happy life.

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