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Short Story: The Artist



By Ananya Ambrit

Once, there was a little girl named Rose. She lived with her parents in a beautiful town in Norway. One Sunday, her dad decided to take Rose to the art museum. She was very thrilled about it. Soon, they reached there. It was made of white marble. Rose ran inside to see the whole of it.

Inside, there were countless, marvellous, and magnificent paintings. Rose admired every single painting. ‘Wow!’ she gasped. It was then that Rose decided to become an artist in the future. She told her parents and said, “Mom, dad, these paintings are so pretty. I would love to learn and draw these amazing and unusual portraits.”

Her mom remarked, “Rose, to create, one needs a lot of skill and concentration.” Dad said, “Yes. What mom is saying is right, Rose. It also needs a lot of patience and practice.” But Rose seemed confident and determined. She said, “I am ready to be patient and make all the efforts.” Her parents continued with their tour. Rose kept observing every masterpiece carefully.

But one painting had left her in shock. The picture described a clear night sky with twinkling stars. The beautiful crescent moon shining brightly upon the blue, clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea. She thought, “This painting is simply stunning. The artist of this drawing will be feeling so special. Now, I just want to be an artist!” Rose wasn’t able to take her eyes off that painting. 

Soon it was time to return home. Rose and her parents sat in the car. Rose just loved the art museum and the outstanding paintings. She was daydreaming. When the trio reached home, Rose ran to her room and took out her drawing book. She tried to draw a similar painting. She thought it would be effortless.

But she couldn’t draw anything. So, Rose decided to start from scratch. She started watching some painting videos and tried to learn from those. Slowly but steadily, she was able to make the sketches. Rose spent her entire childhood, visiting art galleries and drawing pictures.

After 8 years, she grew up to be a gorgeous young girl. At the age of 18, she was able to draw stunning paintings. Everything was going normal when one fine day, Rose received an invitation from an art gallery to display her finest painting. She was ecstatic and thought, “Hmm… I should draw something that I’ve never drawn till date.”

She sat in the backyard of her home and started drawing. She tried and tried until she created a beautiful rose painting. It was absolutely lovely. Rose was elated with it. She admired her painting thoroughly. She kept it in her room and happily went for a walk. When Rose returned, she was heartbroken to discover that her painting had mysteriously disappeared. Tears rolled down her eyes.

But, then she thought, “I still have a few hours left till morning. So, I shouldn’t give up.” Rose took her canvas and painted her portrait the entire night. Soon, the sky turned black and it began pouring. The rain gradually augmented its vigour. All Rose could see was impenetrable darkness, stabbed by shrill streaks of lightning. She could hear the sound of the strong, gushing wind and the dreadful thunder. It rained heavily all night long. Once the painting was finished, it looked absolutely real, elegant, and charming.

By dawn, the rainstorm had reduced to a shower. Rose woke up very early and got ready. She also left early. Another artist, Bob stood pompously with the stolen rose painting. As the judges were about to announce him the ‘artist of the year’, suddenly the door opened with a bang!

It was Rose! Everyone present at the event was astonished. Rose said loudly, “The painting which Bob has, is mine!” Rose showed the CCTV footage of her house to the judges and Bob was disqualified from the contest. Rose was announced the winner, not only for her craft. But, for her patience and honesty. Both paintings were put on display in the same museum.

Moral of the story – Hard work and determination can make any dream come true. So, never give up!