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Short story: A visit to grandparents  



By Ronit Garg

Raghu, Saumya, Ishita and Gita were siblings. Prior to the Covid-19 imposed lockdown, they decided to visit their grandparents’ house in Dehradun for their summer vacations. They missed spending time with their grandparents while attending physical school.

When they reached Dehradun, their grandparents were happy to see them. The siblings touched their grandparents’ feet to seek their blessings and then went inside the house. In the evening, grandma cooked some delicious snacks for the children. They quickly gobbled it all.

At dinner time, grandpa started narrating a story about his childhood. The children enjoyed listening to his stories. And so, it became a routine for them. Every evening, they would gather around grandpa to hear his story.

During their stay, they heard around 40 stories from their grandparents. Each story was not only interesting but it came with a moral lesson.

One their day of departure, grandpa said, “Children, you must adhere to good values and inculcate them in your day to day life. These will make you succeed and ensure that you don’t lose sight of yourself in your educational or professional journey. Be a good human being above all.”

Therefore, all the children promised to swear by this life lesson. They bid farewell to their grandparents and returned home.