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‘Shattering skies’: Poem by Aanya Singh, Apeejay School, Noida 



There is an apocalypse of problems
The sky is about shatter into fragments of hopelessness
Still the delusion of my heart believes to feel sanguineness
Is its innocence waiting for the miracle in times of darkness
The ray of hope finding its way to cross the rocky road
The unexpected coming to life makes it possible to believe the grief
The rainbow joining two ends of parallel lives
Why the rough way to accomplishment
Takes a lot from within, installments of sacrifices 
Why the road which intends us to relinquish seems smooth
It ultimately drives me to the end of cliff 
Where I can only see the shattering skies

Poem by Aanya Singh
Class: 9-G

Poetic गुफ्तगू – With हुमेरा खान @poetsofDelhi