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Scholar-Journalist of the Week: Why we need to preserve India’s heritage

This week’s winner, Parth Budhkar, opines that a nation’s culture is its ‘ID proof’, and so, it must be safeguarded



Middle-Years-Programme-II student from Apeejay School International – South Delhi, Parth Budhkar, loves to engage with new ideas, people and experiences. If there is a gathering, he would prefer to be the one speaking than just sitting in a crowd. He says, “I like to do and to be.” And, why not? Parth’s brilliant mind has varying knowledge about topics such as travel, lifestyle, cuisines and much more. He has toured several countries, took holidays with his parents, and each of these experiences has left a deep impression on his young mind. Read on, as he shares more about himself. Edited excerpts from the interview:  

Tell us more about your interests/hobbies.

I really like to write and I put a lot of effort into my pieces. Since childhood, I have been an avid reader. I completely devour books! I love to read action and adventure books such as the Harry Potter series, Percy Jackson & the Olympians, The Kane Chronicles, amongst others. I find the characters from these books very dynamic as they undergo great development in the course of the narratives. That is very interesting! And, you can’t miss the dramatic scenes as well.

In your personal life, are you adventurous too?

Well, not really. I love to travel and have been to many places around the world. The last destination I visited was Kannur, Kerala. During that visit, I learnt how one can really enjoy the simple pleasures of life. I felt that a good trip is all about having your near and dear ones with you. I also remember that during the final days of our trip, we barbecued outside our hotel rooms, performed karaoke and ate food near a bonfire. That is my favourite memory!

Also, the idea of ‘fun’ is different for each person in each vacation. If one goes to culturally-rich places like Greece, Rome or India, exploration must not stop at a particular hotel, no matter if on the way you have a few sunburns!

Have you visited several places? How have been your experiences?

I was born in India but when I was almost 2 years old, my parents moved us to Russia. I spent most part of my childhood there. One thing I really love about the country is the snow! When I visited Finland, the metropolitan city, was very welcoming. I loved exploring the local places to eat.

Norway is a very clean place, one I visited and loved! From its very capital, Oslo, we took a train to Berlin, a spot where I discovered my love for green tea. Portugal, France, Italy, Dubai are just some other destinations I have been to.

I love how the people of Dubai have adapted to the desert terrain so well. It is a global city in which wherever you are travelling, you can witness the sky scrapers. It fascinates me how Dubai has become the city of the future, it is very progressive and ultra-modern.

How and when did you write – ‘Why we need to preserve India’s heritage’?

India is my home and my identity. The nation has a rich culture and heritage, and if we don’t preserve it, we can lose hundreds of years’ worth of valuable information. I think that heritage, culture is like a country’s Face ID in front of the rest of the world.

It took me about 45 minutes to pen down my write-up. I jotted down the key takeaways from a guest session in our school with Mr. Anand Bhardwaj, Chief Executive Officer at Heritage and Events, Dalmia Bharat Group. From him, I learnt how work should be a priority, and that our country is like our family.

Any writing tips for fellow students?

Writing isn’t something you can do in a few minutes. So, think clearly about what you wish to pen down. 

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