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Scholar-Journalist of the Week: The unsung heroes of Meghalaya

This week’s winner, Mananya Singh opines citizens must value their right to freedom



A class 9 student of Apeejay School, Noida, Mananya Singh may seem like an introvert person on the outset. But the talented student has found a way to express herself through art and writing. In her free-time, Mananya loves to sketch her favourite cartoon characters and write on themes that resonate with her personality. In this interview, she shares her thoughts. Read On:

How did the write up – The unsung heroes of Meghalaya come about?

I was given an assignment by my class teacher at school to create a fictional story based on the Indian freedom struggle. And so, I began to research some themes. Eventually, I found an account that inspired me to create the piece. In the original version, the hero is the chief of the village who was martyred. But, in my version, I have introduced the characters of two children and twisted the end of the narrative. This was my attempt to make it more relatable and reader-friendly.

Are you keen about reading History?

Yes, the accounts of the Indian Independence movement, freedom fighters’ stories inspire me. What strikes me the most about it is how even children of my age or even younger than me became key players in fighting the British army.

What is your contribution to the nation each day?

As a student, I focus on gathering as much knowledge to be able to strengthen my base and foundation. Going forward, I dream of setting up a business venture that could benefit my people and better their lives.

Your message for citizens?

We must value the freedom our forefathers have fought for. And in doing so, we should stay united and abide by the laws.

Writing tips for your classmates?

Observe the happenings around you – it can become an opportunity to create something new.

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