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Scholar-Journalist of the Week: The invention of Pythagorean Theorem

This week’s winner, Samar Bhatia says “I hoped to help my juniors through my write-up”



A class 8 student from Apeejay School, Model Town, Samar Bhatia, is a certified full-stack developer already. The young tech-enthusiast is now working on concepts based on ‘Photonic Energy’. Often, he is found researching Science and Math based theories as he likes to stay up to date with the recent trends in the tech world. Interestingly, the celebrated Scottish poet, Thomas Campbell, inspires Samar for his literary works as he says, “The poems by him are excitable.”

Read on, edited excerpts from Samar’s interview.

Please tell us about yourself.

I like to write fantasy-based stories and poetry. Often, I pen down some articles that are mostly based on subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Arithmetic. Apart from this, I love to play football and basketball.

What was the inspiration for your write-up: The invention of Pythagorean Theorem?

I was recently promoted to class 8. During the previous year, I was taught a chapter – ‘Triangles’. In that, we had to remember the said theorem proposed by the ancient Ionian Greek philosopher, Pythagoras. And so, I decided that when my juniors will be taught the same in the coming years, they should find my write-up helpful. Through it, I simply hoped to help them in their studies.  

Your current projects?

I am working on a device that can track children and help parents monitor their movements and location. The idea is to keep the safety of these kids intact by sending necessary updates and information to their guardians. In addition to this, I have also been selected for a scholarship to develop a code. It is for a tech-based course.  

Your aspiration?

I dream of becoming an IITian. It is my passion. I want to have the desired exposure and network. After which, I would like to start my tech-based venture.

Any writing tips for your juniors?

Imagination is the best hope you have. So, continue to write.

Mrini Devnani is a Senior Correspondent and Marketing Coordinator at Newsroom. She covers student achievements, interviews and contributions for the website. She was a former Correspondent covering Edutech for the India Today Group, and has passion for Social Media and Digital Marketing. You can reach her at [email protected]

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