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Pre-primary kids at Apeejay School, Rama Mandi, Jalandhar practice mindfulness



With the pandemic affecting everybody since last year, the emphasis has shifted to health and well-being. Along with this, there is increased awareness in people about being deeply focused and improving their inner selves.

Mrs. Sangeeta Nistandra, Principal at Apeejay School Rama Mandi in Jalandhar, has been quick to identify the trend and has taken an initiative to introduce yoga exercises for Pre-Primary kids in her school. Her mantra is to teach them healthy habits at an early age and inculcate respect for their own selves as well as others. “Meditation and mental positivity helps students maintain a healthy physical and psychological balance,” she says.

30 students participated in the virtual programme, guided by two teachers, Ms. Sumanjit Kaur and Ms. Kiran. The aim of the activity was to teach students patience and help them release their pent-up anxiety at being confined indoors due to the lockdown.

Children these days have anger issues. At this age, it is important to channel their energy in the right direction. If students are taught good practices, the entire generation will reap benefits.

Mrs. Sangeeta Nistandra, Principal, Apeejay School Rama Mandi, Jalandhar

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