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‘Passion, confidence and determination can lead you to success’

Municipal Commissioner Panvel Mr Ganesh Deshmukh and CRPF Commanding Officer Mr Rajesh Kumar revealed the mantra for success while addressing students at Apeejay School Kharghar’s Annual Appreciation Day



“Human life is a wonderful journey where we encounter innumerable people, events and cherish a million memories. This annual day event is a celebration of human emotions, achievements, failures, and finally the spiritual upliftment of man,” said Ms Tejaswini S Katdare, Principal, Apeejay School Kharghar on the occasion of the institution’s 21st Annual Appreciation Day titled “Xpressions”.

The virtual event was graced by Mr Ganesh Deshmukh, IAS, Municipal Commissioner Panvel as the Chief Guest, and Mr Rajesh Kumar, Commanding Officer, CRPF, as the Special Guest.

Mr Deshmukh shared thought-provoking advice with the students. He said in his address, “We are all here to learn and the learning process starts with family where parents are our first teachers. The role of a parent is very important in any student’s life. I would like to communicate a clear and loud message to students—respect your parents. They are your best friends, guide, and philosopher. To parents, I would like to say do not compare your child with anyone. Each child is special.

“Then comes the role of the school. School is the architect that shapes your life. It teaches you values and morals. The teachers are your extended family. I wish Apeejay all the best.”

Redefining the idea of success, he stressed, “Success is not about getting a lot of marks. The first step to success is to identify your goals and pursue them passionately. Second, you have to be confident which can be boosted by parents and teachers. The third is determination followed by dedication.”

Mr Rajesh Kumar talked about the importance of focusing on our capabilities and honing them. “Keeping a flexible mindset is what will help you move from failure to success. It is what will determine your capability and help you grow. Achieving success at something, however, does not mean we stop there. We have to keep working hard, step out of our comfort zones and face all challenges that come our way. Instead of worrying about being judged by others, focus on what you think works best for you, your family and society. This will definitely lead you to the right path. Never try to prove; try to improve.” He concluded his speech by urging everyone to take good care of their health.

Sharing the school’s annual report, Ms Katdare said, “We at Apeejay School Kharghar have offered 21 years of dedicated service towards providing quality education since our inception. We live today in a world that is changing at a faster pace. In accordance with the changing trends, our school has a well-balanced academic curriculum along with a wide range of co-curricular activities to empower students to face the challenges of life and grow as all-rounders. A number of activities were organised throughout the year to ensure better personality development of the students as we believe that each child is unique and possesses inherent potential. ‘Soaring high is my nature’—the school’s motto captures concisely the spirit of Apeejay. We strive for excellence with sincerity of purpose, independence of thought and action among our children, and developing sensitivity towards others’ well-being and feelings. Our school is an example of what a leader with vision, commitment and discipline can achieve.”

The principal went on to highlight the outstanding achievements of the school students in 2021-22. The students performed exceedingly well in CBSE board exams, Apeejay Talent Search Exam (ATSE) scholarship exam, Dr Stya Paul Award for Human Values, National Children Science Congress, Homi Bhabha BalVaigyanik examination, and more. They also ranked well in other co-curricular events such as state-level abacus competition, cubing competition, stage mime competition, debate, essay writing competition, and so on. Some of the other students made their school proud by winning medals in state and national level sports competitions like cycling, open sight rifle shooting, speed skating, etc. Apeejay Kharghar also launched the latest edition of their school magazine based on the theme “digital learning”.

“The teachers and staff members deserve applause for their tireless efforts in implementing the route map of imparting quality education. The school believes in community services and encourages parental participation in all its endeavours. We truly value the continued support and cooperation of all our parents and stakeholders in this unprecedented and challenging time. I also appreciate our students for their fortitude and perseverance in such unusual circumstances,” added Ms Katdare.

The annual day celebration turned out to be a musical treat in line with the theme of the event. Through various performances, the school showcased ‘Musical Harmony’, highlighting the benefits of music in cognitive and creative development. The students also performed India’s classical and traditional dance styles, from Odissi to Bihu, as a celebration of our cultural diversity.

In addition to this, some school alumni shared their experiences at their alma mater and advised students to make the most of their time at Apeejay. “Apeejay taught me how to stand tall, let go of my inhibitions and face all obstacles. Respect your teachers and learn from them because their values and lessons will help you sail through life,” one of them said.

Disha Roy Choudhury is a Principal Correspondent at Apeejay Newsroom. She has worked as a journalist at different media organisations. She is also passionate about music and has participated in reality shows.

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