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‘My resolve to become a doctor strengthened during Covid-19’

Charvee Malhotra, an alumna of Apeejay Svran Global School, Faridabad, shares how online schooling during the pandemic shaped her knowledge of the medical field



Charvee Malhotra is pursuing her dream to become a doctor. She is currently enrolled at SGT Medical College Hospital and Research Institute, Gurgaon, for a degree in MBBS. Completing her schooling in 2021 from Apeejay Svran Global School, Faridabad Sector 21-D, the aspiring doctor shares fond memories of her school years. In an interview, she also provides important tips for NEET aspirants. Read on:

When did you recognise your calling for medicine?

I was always fascinated by Science as a kid. To become a doctor has been my dream since grade 2. I am finally working towards my goal. Through my knowledge of medicine, I want to help people. During Covid-19, the role of doctors became crucial in our country and that strengthened my resolve to become one myself.

How was your experience at Apeejay Svran Global School?

My years at school were memorable. The teachers were very kind and helpful. They were available for me at any given hour. Our former Principal Ma’am, Ms. Purnima Vohra, was extremely supportive. She always encouraged everyone. I completed the crucial years of my school life in an online setup but at that time too, everything went on very smoothly.

Do you prefer physical classes to online?

Yes, very much. Initially, settling into an online mode was difficult because it was new. We and our teachers were learning it at the same time. But soon, we became comfortable with it. The physical classes at school would have been easier for sure. In the online setup, we could not perform our practicals hands-on and it was a challenging time. Nonetheless, we practiced and aced it.

Your favourite memory of the school?

Seeing my teachers and friends regularly in the online classes.

Your role model?

My father. Simply because he is my biggest supporter.  

Your advice for your juniors?

Be confident. Refrain from procrastination and be consistent with the syllabus. If you want to be part of a medical college then you would have to put your heart and soul in it.

Your tips for NEET aspirants?

Prepare your NCERT thoroughly. Practice all the previous year questions. 

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