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Mishap – A Short Play



By Ashita Kashyap

Main Characters



-Lana [Lucy’s mom]

-Thomas [Lucy’s dad]

-Dr. Wilson

-Nurse [Doctor Wilson’s wife]

Scene 1

The play starts. Lucy is playing with her friend Martha.

Martha: Let’s play hide and seek.

Lucy: Only if you go and hide first.

Martha: Sure! I will.

Scene 2

Martha: Counting [1…2…3…]. I have counted till 20. Can I come now?

Lucy: [speaking in a loud voice] Just wait for a while… Yes, now you can come.

Martha is searching for Lucy but she is not able to find her.

Scene 3

Martha is still looking for Lucy.

Lucy: [whispering to herself] She will not be able to find me because I am hiding on a tree.

Suddenly, Lucy’s foot trips and she falls down.

Martha: I think something fell down.

Martha turns around. She is shocked to see Lucy bleeding through an injured head. [She panics]

Scene 4

Martha runs to Lucy’s home and tells her mother about the incident.

Mother: Oh! Let us go there. [They both reach]

Mother: Let me call her dad.

Dad: [on call] What!? I am calling an ambulance.

Lucy’s dad arrives with the ambulance. They pick up Lucy and go to the hospital.

Scene 5

[In the hospital]

Mother: She fell down from the tree. Is there any serious damage to her head? Will she be okay?

Dad: Wait, wait Lana. Let the doctor evaluate.

Dr. Wilson: We have to take some of her tests first.

Scene 6

[After 30 mins] The nurse, Dr. Wilson’s wife, comes out of the patient room.

Dad: Sister, how’s she now?

Sister: Wait sir. My husband is coming. He will tell you about the reports.

Dr.Wilson: She is fine. She will be discharged in 2 days.

Scene 7

Martha calls Lana’s residence.

Martha: [on call] Hello, how’s Lucy feeling now?

Mother: She is feeling well. Doctor said she will be discharged in 2 days.

Martha: [sighs in relief] Thank goodness! She is fine.

Scene 8

[After 2 days]

Lucy: I am feeling better now.

Mother: Okay, dear. Now c’mon let’s all have some pancakes.

Dad: Yes, let’s eat and celebrate the little joys of life.

[Play ends]