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Khichdi: The nutritional powerhouse and India’s beloved comfort food



By Riddhi Sehgal 

When someone asks me about my favourite food, my answer comes quickly: none other than Khichdi. It’s not just a dish; it’s a superfood.

I have had a special connection with khichdi from my earliest days. When I was an infant, my mom introduced me to my first solid food, and guess what it was? Khichdi! This popular Indian dish is a delightful combination of lentils and rice, and it’s renowned for being a nutritional powerhouse.

Khichdi is a fantastic source of essential nutrients. It’s high in protein and fiber, making it a perfect choice for a balanced diet. When my mom adds a dollop of ghee to it, the entire dish fills the air with a pleasing aroma, making it even more irresistible.

Interestingly, even Lord Krishna, the divine figure from Hindu mythology, developed a love for khichdi after sharing it with his friend Sudama. This dish is so cherished that it’s now offered to Lord Krishna in temples as a form of bhog, and in my home, my mother presents it to him along with some curd as a mark of devotion.

This dish also serves as a healthy and comforting option for those who are unwell. Its gentle and soothing nature helps relieve sickness and provides much-needed nourishment.

In recent times, khichdi has earned the honour of being considered the “National Dish of India”, a title that underscores its significance in Indian cuisine and culture. It’s a symbol of unity in diversity, bringing people together through its delicious simplicity.

I wholeheartedly recommend that everyone give this complete and wholesome food a try. Whether you call it Pongal in Tamil Nadu or Khichdi in the northern parts of India, its health benefits are undeniable. So, make it a part of your regular diet, and you’ll be taking a flavourful step toward a healthier lifestyle.