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India needs Entrepreneurs like us to bring the change: Siddharth Bathla



Siddharth Bathla

He is an alumnus of Apeejay Institute of Planning-School of Architecture & Planning, Greater Noida (2003-2008), who owns his firm – Design Factory India, Noida. He believes that you discover yourself while pursuing a bachelor degree.

Your take away from Apeejay?
I did my bachelors of Architecture in 2003-2008 from AIT-SAP. Being an architecture college, they didn’t spoon feed us rather allowed us to try and discover things on our own. As we were let free, we started believing in ourselves. This is what probably has helped me to start my own design firm in 2011. Now I have around 80 people working at my firm.

What helped you grow at Apeejay?
The secluded location of our institute left us alone in terms of trying our own things. Lot of teachers and faculty were coming from the industry for the lectures to learn about the industry. This is very practical in terms of knowledge rather than bookish knowledge.
We used to participate in the fest like NASA—National Association for Students of Architecture. We won many prizes. This gave us the experience of the competitive world and boosted our confidence to do things at the national level. It gave me a signal that yes, I can lead something. Then I became the President of NASA for a while.

What have you done after your Graduation?
I went through the campus placement process at Apeejay and started working with an architect. Then I pursued my Masters from IIT Kanpur and in 2011, I finally opened my own Design Firm.

Did you always want to be an entrepreneur?
No. It happened eventually. During my college days at Apeejay, as I was not spoon fed, I learnt to manage things on my own. It was an important time of my life. You know that you need to build up on your own. Masters is a reflection of what you have done in your graduation. I think bachelors is very important for you to know yourself. You discover yourself. I realized I want to be somebody who wants to lead things, who would like to bring change… who wants to do things of his own.. Exposure to participating in work and extracurricular activities becomes a catalyst in getting practical knowledge and the experience of what the industry is all about.


  • Believe in yourself.
  • Don’t think much.
  • Keep discovering yourself.

Message to students…
The future is bright. India needs change. India needs entrepreneurs. India needs people like us who are educated and who can change things. It is a very good time to be an entrepreneur. So be yourself!

“Don’t get demotivated from the tsunami of thoughts while brainstorming.”

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