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‘I am sorry’: Poem by Kenisha Verma, Apeejay School, Pitampura



I am sorry

If my world were to end
Then I was to spend
The last day of my life,
Not thinking about afterlife
Doing all I want
Think about how to haunt
Those houses uphill
With those windmills.
Paying my last regards
Before I become a fallen card
To all those who supported
And never left me deserted
Thanks to everyone
Looks like this time the destiny won
I shall come back to see you
At the crossway near the statue
Feeling pity wonʼt be an option
As itʼs not an auction
This is the story of living
Every corner with wishing
I just hope I reach heaven
Even with all this aggression
Being the best, I could
I think that I probably would
Saying all the goodbyes
With a smile and bright eyes
I am sorry to all
I had to say this before I fall

Kenisha Verma
Class: IX-B
Apeejay School, Pitampura

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