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‘I am focused to take my company to newer heights this year’

Apeejay School, Pitampura alumna, who is running one of the growing delivery giants in the capital, shares how her team is helping the small businesses to flourish.



Riya Aggarwal, who is only in her early twenties, is already making her alma mater proud. Her business start-up Riding Rangers has crossed over Rs 2.5 crore in revenue last year. In a quick interview with the Apeejay School, Pitampura alumnus, we learn how her business, which began with a non-profit venture to serve the society during  the pandemic, grew to be such a financial success. Read edited excerpts:  

 Riya, tell us a bit yourself first?

So, I completed my schooling from Apeejay School, Pitampura and recently, finished my graduation in Economics from Maitreyi College, University of Delhi. I also finished a Digital Marketing crash course from Hansraj College (DU).

However, I started my business venture Riding Rangers right after passing my class 12 board exams. Riding Rangers is a premium reliable tech-enabled hyper local delivery service. I started it with my business partner and friend Anchit Kohli. 

Wow! That sounds quite fancy. Explain in simple terms what exactly does your company do?

Alright! So Riding Rangers is a delivery company, specialising in third party logistics. We help different companies to complete their same day deliveries. It is a bit similar to applications like Porter and Dunzo. But these are C2C i.e. customer-to-customer services dealing in single deliveries.

We, on the other hand, are business to business to consumer (B2B2C). We deal in bulk orders. For example, if one has a bakery and wishes to deliver orders within Delhi-NCR, then they can tie up with me. The orders that come to them via call or website or even in their store can be put directly on my company’s dashboard and I will get it delivered. We specialize in perishables and can even deliver frosted cakes safely up to 90 KM.

How many orders do you get in a day?

We get up to 300 orders approximately on a daily basis. We have so far crossed a revenue of Rs 2.5 crores.

That is huge! Many congratulations! Please tell us how this idea came to you?

Certainly. So right after my class 12 exams it was the pandemic year. There was a nationwide lockdown as we all experienced. It was then that I realised that many people could not get the basic medicines and food for their pets. Those with guinea pigs as pets couldn’t get their food. As the fodder for guinea pigs comes from special farms in Gurgaon and Haryana.

So, we tied up with those farms in the beginning of our journey and also tied up with chemists and helped deliver PPE kits, injections and oxygen cylinders to Covid patients. I remember we also tied up with Max hospital to help in this cause. It was a non-profit organisation at first then as we had the intention to help the society and generate some employment at the time.

However, during the pandemic, we also helped a lot of small businesses. The big delivering companies grab a huge margin from the sales, often as huge as 30%. As a result, the small businesses cannot flourish. So, we tied up with many home bakers and increased their market, as we gave them a radius of entire Delhi-NCR for delivering their product. Big companies often limit the delivery radius to just 5 KM. 

Our commercial journey began this way! Now, Heads Up For Tails, one of the biggest pet product companies, is our client along with countless other small and large businesses. 

Did this entrepreneurial spirit touch you during the school years?

Words like entrepreneurship and start-ups weren’t used so much back then. But yes, I certainly participated in a lot of extra-curricular activities at school. This boosted my confidence levels.

From Nursery till class 12, I was encouraged to do a lot of sports, debate, theatre and dance activities. This helped me develop problem solving abilities and also taught me to multi-task. This helped me so much in my entrepreneurial journey.

And the teachers must have encouraged you always?

Bulls eye! I owe so much to my teachers. They were encouraging me and all the other students at each and every step of school life and their words encourage me even now. I would like to thank Karuna ma’am, Sangeeta ma’am, Savita Panhotra ma’am and Guneeta ma’am for their constant support. 

Principal Bedi sir was a huge source of encouragement too. We students performed a skit for him on his farewell day and he came on the stage, congratulated us specially and I saw his eyes were tear filled. I was so happy to see that he liked the play. He always encouraged each and every student.

Lovely to know this! So what new business targets in the coming year?

In my graduation, as part of the compulsory internship we had to do, I converted my internship into a partnership opportunity. Currently, I am a sales partner at Koozies Ice Cream & Snacks. I look after their sales and I have tied them up with 5 star chains like Claridges Hotel, JW Marriott, Roseate House and even some cafes. All in all, I have given them a sale of more than Rs 1 crore in a year.  So, I am focused to take my company to new heights this year and also build my other business and work ventures. 

Riding Rangers is on the right path. We bagged the winner position at the Global student entrepreneurship award at GSEA Navi Mumbai. We also came in the top 25 out of 400+ startups and got a grant of Rs10,00,000/- from Udhmodya Foundation. So, it is going well and there is a long road ahead. 

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