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How reading novels and regular workout helped these toppers relieve exam stress 

CBSE Class 10 toppers from Apeejay International School, Greater Noida emphasise that taking periodic breaks in between studies and pursuing a hobby help deal with exam pressure better



The last two years have been difficult for all students. With having to attend online classes, missing their school premises, not being able to meet their friends, change in the CBSE Board exam pattern thereby building anxiety and stress among students. 

However, speaking to the CBSE Class 10 toppers from Apeejay International School, Greater Noida, the young minds narrated how they coped up with exam stress, shared study tips for their fellow juniors and more. Read on: 

Rajlakshmi Anand
Subject Topper in Hindi (99)

The school topper Rajlakshmi Anand credits her parents for their constant support that led her to achieve this success. “They have always been really supportive and never gave me any pressure to gain a specific percentage,” she added.

She also highlighted, “I used to study for 3-4 hours a day consistently. There is no need to study all the time, but following a methodical plan, being consistent with studies/assignments as well as solving previous years’ question papers are very important.”

Hobbies relieve stress: Rajlakshmi liked to spend time listening to music and going for walks on a regular basis.

Kunwar Kunnal Singh

Subject Topper in Science (100) and Social Science (99) 

For Kunnal, he didn’t really have a strategy but what helped him to tackle the exam pressure so well and pass with flying colours is taking periodic breaks to revive energy levels and recharge mental stamina.

“Having breaks and intervals for yourself is pretty important. It’s because we have been at it for more than one year, that too during tough times like COVID and lockdown which also negatively impacted each one of us. Hence, breaks while preparation became a necessity. Students must give themselves time to rejuvenate. This was one of my mantras,” said Kunnal.

When asked, “How did you score 100 in Science?” He answered, “It was my target and I did put extra effort in that and I  made sure that my answers were right to the point. Moreover, in Science, understanding the concepts and topics clearly is the key. I invested a lot of time in first understanding the concepts and then went on to solving the previous years’ questions papers.”   

Hobbies relieve stress: “I love reading novels, so I used to do that when I took breaks from studying. You may do anything that gives you a break and helps you relax your mind. You can also have a quick nap to re-energise yourself,” he added. 

Study tips: Invest 3 to 4 solid hours for revision. Read NCERT and consistently practice problems from the book. Review some of the previous years’ answer sheets.  Believe in yourself and you will be able to make it.

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Paridhi Gupta
Subject Topper in English (97)

Sharing how Paridhi scored such astounding marks in English, she said, “It’s my favourite subject and has been really easy for me since the beginning. Ever since I was a child I was keen on reading books and my parents gave me several books to read. So , I have been fluent in English and I have been able to enjoy it as a subject. But then while growing up , when the Literature and Biographies came in , then there was more to learn. I used to read the chapters twice and thrice and make really short notes and maybe listen to one or two lectures on it. Most importantly, what helped me was paying attention in the class because in English, there isn’t really much to understand, you have to pay attention and then go home and read the chapters. So, the Literature part was quite easy. For grammar, I just practiced Wren And Martin books. Two days before the exams, I solved a lot of question papers. I was mindful of the corrections that my teachers had mentioned.”

Study tips: Paridhi’s target was to complete the entire syllabus one month before the exam was scheduled to start. “One month before the exam, all I did was solve sample papers given by the teachers. I gave a lot of mock tests. I re-watched the lectures quickly just to revise everything. I practiced Maths a lot,” she said.

Stress management techniques: Listening to music helped Paridhi release her stress. She added, “I would cook with my mom because cooking is something that helped me to relax my mind. I would also go for a 30-minute walk or exercise regularly.”    

“Success isn’t always about greatness. It’s about consistency. And when students put in all the effort, they achieve their goals. I congratulate all the students who have further raised the bar of academic excellence of our school.”


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