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How mobile phones impact our lives



Mobile phones have been an integral part of our lives and simultaneously they are influencing our day-to-day activity both positively and negatively. Let’s look at how:

  1. Endless scrolling: People often spend excessive amounts of time on their phones, scrolling through platforms like Instagram and YouTube, watching short videos that provide momentary happiness. They may not even realise how much time they waste in this manner.
  2. Gaming and materialism: Some individuals use their smartphones and technology primarily for gaming and flaunting material possessions that they haven’t earned themselves. This behaviour can foster a culture of materialism and shallow values.
  3. Spiritual disconnect: From a spiritual perspective, technology can lead to a disconnect from deeper values. While some still believe in and pray to God, newer generations often prioritise seeking instant gratification over spiritual growth.
  4. Idolising celebrities: Many teenagers and kids idolise music bands and sports figures without taking tangible steps towards their own success. These idols won’t provide food, employment, or personal development.
  5. Mental health: Some individuals post about depression and sadness on social media but fail to address the root causes of their struggles. Technology can be used as a distraction from addressing mental health issues.

Despite the negative impacts, mobile phones also offer numerous life-changing benefits that often go unnoticed:

  1. Access to knowledge: Mobile phones provide access to an abundance of knowledge and resources. For example, you can read the Bhagavad Gita for free, a valuable book that offers guidance in life.
  2. Audiobooks: If reading isn’t your preference, technology allows you to access free audiobooks, including versions of the Bhagavad Gita in both Hindi and English.
  3. Cultural heritage: Despite spending hours on platforms like YouTube and Spotify, many people remain unaware of their own culture and heritage. Sacred scriptures, written by revered sages and gurus, are easily accessible through technology.
  4. Learning: Basic knowledge about cultural aspects, such as naming five avatars of Lord Vishnu, is often lacking. Technology can be used to fill these knowledge gaps.

In the words of Freeman Dyson, “The technologies which have had the most profound effects on human life are usually simple.”

I’m sharing this message because I’ve experienced the negative impacts of technology mentioned above. I’ve managed to transform my life by reading the Bhagavad Gita, listening to podcasts, and watching educational videos.

While some may make fun of me for claiming to have learned from videos and podcasts, I want to emphasise that these resources have helped me, and they can help others too. The addiction to dopamine can be overcome, and I encourage you all to seek knowledge and personal growth. Stay strong.