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How I saved a child from being abducted



By Kartikeya Agarwal

It was a bright morning. I woke up, got ready and headed to catch the school bus. While waiting for my bus, I heard two people planning to kidnap a kid. I first became suspicious but then thought I should ignore it. And so, I carried on with my day.

When I reached school and discussed it with my friends, they thought I was joking or I might have misheard it. I simply agreed with them. My remaining day in the school was a usual one and then I boarded the bus for home. 

In the afternoon when I got off the bus along with a few other students, I again spotted the same men at the bus stop. They started following one of the students from my school. I was confused and scared and wondered what to do! 

I then hurried to borrow a mobile phone from a passerby and called the police. I explained the whole situation and shared my location with them. Fortunately, the police station was just five minutes away from there. The cops reached and started finding me, the student and the kidnappers.

I along with the passerby kept following the kidnappers quietly. The moment we saw the police jeep, I screamed and waved so that they could see me. But in doing so, we lost track of the kidnappers. I told the police about the direction the kidnappers were heading towards. I also gave the police a bit of a description of the kidnapper. They told me that they will try their best to find the kid and inform me.

Eventually, they found the kid and appreciated me for what I had done. They said that these guys were one of the most wanted kidnappers and had a bounty of Rs. 1 lakh. The kid thanked me for saving his life.

Later, the police came to my home and thanked my parents. They told them the whole story and my parents were very proud of me.