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‘Honouring my best friend and our unique bond’



National Best Friend Day’– A great opportunity to honour your best friend by expressing your gratitude towards them. Let me tell you about my best friend today!

I met my best friend when I was in grade II. We both had just transferred to a new school at the same time. At that moment I didn’t know who she was. I simply thought of her as my classmate. One day, my class teacher started assigning everyone their seat partners. Coincidentally, she was assigned to be my seat partner. And guess what? That’s where our friendship began. 

It has been 8 years since that day and our friendship hasn’t wavered even once. We’ve been there for each other no matter the situation.

My best friend is truly loyal, understanding and humorous all at once. These are the qualities that ensure a strong and enduring friendship. Having a best friend by your side during the ups and downs offers a sense of security in the friendship.

Humour brings a sense of connectivity and joy to our everyday interactions and also adding some fun moments to our memories. When you have a deep understanding of your best friend, you can empathise with them. They also offer a listening ear, being supportive and safe at the same time.

On this day, it’s important we value our friendships. Best friends offer love and support to us, no matter what.

To mark this wonderful opportunity, we must reach out to our best friends. Maybe set up a meeting in some café to catch up on our daily lives. Or send them a gift expressing your gratitude for their true friendship and love. I talk to my best friend every day even though now we’re in different schools.  Small acts of kindness go a long way in strengthening this already unbreakable bond. 

Having a best friend is truly a blessing. So let’s all take a moment to appreciate this unique bond on this special day and cherish it life-long.