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France to offer 5-year Schengen visa for Indian alumni



Just a few days subsequent to France’s announcement regarding an extended post-study work visa duration for Indian students choosing France, the nation has taken yet another stride. On August 8, France disclosed that even Indian students who have completed a semester of study within its borders can now qualify for a five-year short-stay Schengen visa.

The rationale behind this decision, as articulated by the French Embassy’s official statement, is grounded in the belief that a connection is formed when an Indian student spends even a single semester in France. And so, it deserves nurturing and appreciation.

Consequently, Indian students holding a Master’s degree or higher qualification, and having undertaken a minimum of one semester of study in France, are now eligible for this distinctive five-year short-stay Schengen visa. This initiative stands as a special gesture directed at Indian alumni, facilitating them to maintain close bonds with both France and their French academic counterparts.

The outlined criteria for eligibility dictate that applicants must have successfully completed a minimum of one semester of study in France and have achieved a Master’s degree level or beyond at an accredited university in India, France, or a third country. Additionally, these candidates will be required to submit a meticulously filled-out visa application that aligns with the established Schengen visa prerequisites.

Besides, the Embassy has announced that France aims to welcome 30,000 students from India by 2030. To spread this message across the country, the Embassy and the French Institute broadcasted the upcoming ‘Choose France Tour 2023’, which will be held in different parts of India in October.