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‘During the pandemic, teachers of Apeejay Svran Global lent a personal touch to online classes, focused on every student’

Hemendra Kumar Singh has been working with Tata Consultancy Services for more than 15 years as an IT Manager and his wife Durgesh Nandini is a homemaker who did her PhD from Bundelkhand University. They are the proud parents of Utkarsh Kumar Singh and Shubhansh Kumar Singh. The former is in class 9 and the latter in class 2 of Apeejay Svran Global School, Faridabad. In an interview, Hemendra explains how Apeejay has helped his children take giant strides.



Hemendra Kumar Singh with his wife Durgesh Nandini and children Utkarsh Kumar Singh (R) and
Shubhansh Kumar Singh

What made you pick Apeejay over other schools?

Utkarsh did his class 1 and 2 from the US. So, when we came to India, his Hindi was not up to the mark. We wanted a school that would handhold my son to help him adjust to the new environment. He gave the assessment test for admission in Apeejay and as expected his score in Hindi was not good, but he did well in other subjects. When I talked to the former school principal, Ms. Purnima Vohra, about my son, she assured me that Utkarsh’s future is in safe hands and the school will ensure that he adjusts to the new environment in a jiffy. After the principal’s assurance, the decision to pick Apeejay was a no-brainer. Also, the school was established in 2011. Being a new school it had an excellent student–faculty ratio, which by the way, is still fantastic. To top it all, the school is located just a stone’s throw from my house.

Tell us about the progress made by your children.

Utkarsh has made enviable progress in learning Hindi and within a year of joining the school he became fluent in the language. The teachers deserve all the credit for it. He is consistently scoring around 90 per cent and takes part in all extracurricular activities, including sports. He also loves participating in Olympiads. To improve the public speaking skills of students, every student is given a chance on a rotational basis to speak during assemblies. Some time ago, Apeejay collaborated with a Korean Language institute to teach Korean to students. Happy with the progress of my elder son, I got Shubhansh enrolled in class 2, but after 3 months the Covid-19 lockdown was imposed. Still, I am happy to state the learning has not taken a hit during the pandemic. As you know, the first few years are critical to lay a solid foundation for students. I have seen tremendous improvement in his reading skills. He can read simple sentences and spell small words clearly. The teachers have gone out of their way and taken extra classes to help students. They are also helping students with Olympiad preparation.

Are you happy with the efforts of the teachers?

Of course, I thank them for giving individual attention to students, especially during the pandemic. They had to patiently work with children and make the class interesting. Teachers have put huge emphasis on engagement and that has helped students learn new things.

Share with us your memorable moments.

We love attending annual functions and other events organised by the school. The whole atmosphere is so vibrant and lively. You get goosebumps watching children perform. On Grandparents’ Day, students visited the school with their grandparents. Such events foster family bonding.

“Apeejay actively engages the students in academics and co-curricular activities. I thank the teachers for bringing out the best in my children. During parent-teacher meetings, the teachers give detailed feedback on the progress made by the children. Parents are also encouraged to give their suggestions.”

Hemendra Kumar Singh

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