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‘Drops of pain’: Poem by Varinda Chopra, Apeejay School, Mahavir Marg



This pretty, pretty sunshine,

After a shower of rain.

How quickly the sky pulls herself together,

While nobody collects her drops of pain.

A strong squall, with droplets all over my face.

How nature finds ways,

To give you some space.

While nobody collects her droplets of pain.

Then comes the slow silence,

Finding all my answers.

While I’m all lost,

In my how, why and how long.

Every time I will fall, I’ll fall in the lap of nature.

Even when the worst turns out

And the past that still haunts me

Hurt I’m carrying on my arms, nature will stop me.

And when I say nobody knows me entirely,

Nobody actually does.

Secrets hidden in the melody of my cry

Nature has taught me to smile

Standing under the shadow of the sky

All open but lonely.

Not knowing what to do and where to go,

Only nature took out time to heal me.

And, it still gets tough and sombre,

You deny, but you’re dealing with it.

While everyday we lie on each other’s faces,

But nature sees through it.

Well, nature doesn’t make miracles.

It, itself is one.

How beautifully she loves everyone,

But nobody collects her drops of pain.