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‘The curriculum at Apeejay Svran Global is very well designed and tailor-made for young children’

Dr Meenu Kumari, mother of Dhruv Pandit, a class II student of Apeejay Svran Global, says that the school not only teaches modern values but also about one’s culture and traditions



Dr Meenu Kumari, Interventional Pulmonologist and Critical Care Specialist, Consultant, QRG Super Speciality Hospital & Heart and Lungs Centre, Faridabad, and her husband Dr Sandeep Pandit were confident right from the beginning that their son Dhruv would be very happy at Apeejay Svran Global. Now in class II, the mother says she is proud of her son’s achievements and overall progress. In an interview, she talks about what made her pick the school, the pedagogy, and more. Edited excerpts:

How did Apeejay Svran Global School, Faridabad, turn out to be the right choice for your son?

It was the school’s overall atmosphere that made us choose it. Initially, I personally visited every school that we had applied to in Faridabad. From the moment I entered Apeejay Svran Global, I could sense a lot of positivity around. Young children are very sensitive and tender, and they need a different kind of care and involvement as compared to older children. I met some of the teachers who I found to be extremely warm and kind. I soon realised that my son would be really happy here.

Your son attended school prior to online classes. Tell us about the experience.

There was 100 per cent enthusiasm. His preschool activities were pretty much indicative of what was going to follow in the higher classes. He always looked forward to going to school. Coming to online classes, while they are entirely new and different, I see my son enjoying himself equally. He interacts with the teachers and answers their questions. The teachers make the students so comfortable that they never feel like they are in a virtual setup, away from their teachers and classmates. There has never been any communication gap between the teachers, the students, and their parents.

Is the school’s curriculum up to standard?

Starting from nursery, my son has been taught every topic with the help of day-to-day, practical examples, which eventually helps build a child’s outlook. His knowledge is not bookish. The curriculum at Svran Global is very well designed and tailor-made for young children. Activities like show-and-tell, recitation, yoga, and so on, are some of the ideal ways to boost the overall abilities of a child.

How well has your son progressed at Apeejay Svran Global?

My son could read a book even before joining the school. From nursery till class II, there has, however, been a massive improvement in my son. He has represented his school at every single competition and has won laurels for his institution each time. He is confident and articulate. He is deeply attached to his school—the emotions and values that my son has imbibed, and the friendships that he has developed with his teachers and school friends are things that have moulded his personality.

Apeejay is known to blend modern values with adequate nurturing of one’s heritage. Is your son learning about both?

For instance, children at Apeejay Srvan Global are made to learn prayers both in English and Sanskrit. While modern values are necessary, the students are equally encouraged to celebrate their culture and traditions. By learning about the different religions, communities, and cultures, the school promotes a sense of inclusiveness in children.

Disha Roy Choudhury is a Principal Correspondent at Apeejay Newsroom. She has worked as a journalist at different media organisations. She is also passionate about music and has participated in reality shows.