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This karate kid perfected his moves for two hours every day during the pandemic

Dhruv Pandit, Class 3 student of Apeejay Svran Global School, is in the KO mode towards becoming the next big martial arts champ



Dhruv Pandit, class 3 student at Apeejay Svran Global School is on the way to becoming the next Karate Kid. He won the bronze medal in the recently held All India Shotokan Karate Championship as well as in the Delhi NCR Inter school Karate Championship held last month. Let us read what the little champ has to say.

At what age did you start practicing Karate?

I am six years old and I started to practice the form of martial arts earlier this year.

What was the inspiration behind deciding to learn Karate?

I began learning karate for the purposes of self –defence. Also, karate is a very exciting sport that serves both the purposes: protection and enjoyment.

Which belt have you received after one year?

I have received the yellow belt. It denotes the second stage in Karate. Before this I had the white belt which is meant for beginners.

Please tell us about the efforts you had to put in to clear the test for a yellow belt?

I needed to do the moves and kata (It is a Japanese word meaning “form that refers to a choreographed pattern of martial arts movements to be practised alone) that was taught to us by the coaches over the last few months.

The president of the Shotokan martial arts association of India was also present during the test.  I was excited and confident at the same time.

Where do you get your Karate lessons?

I learn from Sensei Kapil. I go every alternate day to the park of the Shotokan Martial Art Federation of India that near Achievers mall, close to my residence in Faridabad.

Which is your favourite martial arts film?

The Last Samurai is my favourite. I love the karate moves shown in the film.

How did you practice during the Covid-19 pandemic?

During the Covid-19 pandemic, online Karate classes took place through Google Meet.  I used to practice the kata moves at home after watching my teacher. I used to practice for two hours every day.

Which is your strong move and which move do you need to improve?

Punches and kicks are my strong areas. I believe no move is difficult for me. One just needs to learn attentively and then practice a lot at home. That’s the mantra to achieve success.

How has the school helped you in pursuing your passion?

My school has helped me a lot. All the teachers have motivated me.  My class teacher, Ms Neeru Dhall, has been really encouraging. The teachers give me attendance whenever I have an evening Karate class. On some occasions, they also send me the academic material for the classes that I am unable to attend due to practice.  

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