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Apeejay Svran Global observes Anti-Corruption Day

Students pledge to embody honesty and integrity in the fight against corruption.



Corruption is a cancerous growth found in human society alone. It is the sole reason which prevents civilisations from achieving their potential. It slows economic development, leads to governmental instability and creates a social quagmire. The modern Indian social milieu is no exception when it comes to corruption. For the nation to prosper, corruption must be eliminated from the very roots. Awareness and action appear to be the only solutions in dealing with this rampant problem.

Taking this thought forwardApeejay Svran Global School organised a virtual assembly on the occasion of International Anti- Corruption Day which is observed annually on December 9. The assembly aimed at creating awareness about corruption and its numerous ill-effects which hamper the society at all levels. 

A special assembly was organised by students of class 5 where Mansi Biloniya played the compere.  The assembly began with a soulful recitation of the Gayatri Mantra by Arnav Bhadauria. The daily prayers were recited by Hridaan Mavi. Palak Choudhary’s powerful recitation of the school pledge reminded all the students to perform their duties honestly at every level of society.  

The thought for the day was read out by Tanishka Dixit. Aarini Arya presented the news headlines for the day.

Aarna Sharma narrated the history of corruption and also presented some important facts regarding the International Anti – Corruption Day. Speaking about the event, she said, “In October 2003, the United Nations (UN) general assembly adopted the UN convention against corruption. The assembly then designated December 9 as the Anti-corruption day. Apart from raising awareness against corruption. The UN also aims to actively support campaigns and international corporations that prevent and combat corruption. In 2018, the UN Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres, had said that the global cost of corruption is 2.6 trillion dollars, which is 5% of the global gross domestic product. He also highlighted that according to the World Bank, businesses and individuals pay more than 1 trillion dollars in bribes annually.” She added, “Not only do countries need to unite to fight this global problem but every single person, young or old also has a role to play in order to counter corruption and promote integrity at all levels in society. Policies, systems, and measures need to be in place for people to speak up and say no to corruption.”

“Integrity and transparency have to be part of our culture in the fight against corruption. These have to be taught as fundamental values. It is our collective responsibility to fight against corruption.”

-Ms Deepika Arora, Principal, Apeejay Svran Global School

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