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‘An IB education is making my son a life-long learner’

A homemaker, Ms. Shumi George, shares why she chose Apeejay for her son



Four-year-old, Liam George is a student of Reception at Apeejay School International – South Delhi. In an interview, his mother, Ms. Shumi George shares how much he enjoys going to the school. “He is consistently involved in a lot of activities apart from academics. My son comes home with new learnings each day,” says the mother. Read On.          

Why did you choose an IB education for Liam?

I have studied in ICSE and CBSE schools. And so, I felt that for my son I could try an International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum. Its unique approach can help him attain rigorous academic and personal standards. Further, it can inspire him to become a lifelong learner charged with enthusiasm and empathy.

Luckily for us, we chanced upon Apeejay in the vicinity and opted for it. The faculty of the school is great!

How has your son learned in school?

I feel that Liam has become quite confident. His personality is also developing. The school is making him learn concepts thoroughly since they do not believe in rote learning. Further, he is just like any other kid, high-spirited and likes to have good fun.

What would be some of his developmental milestones?

He can read and write letters fluently. Also, he enjoys narrating stories and sharing his thoughts. He has actively participated in the swimming sessions held in the school last year.

Please share some of his achievements.

Liam participated in an I-Care event in the school.  He was the second-runner up and performed as an astronaut in a role-play. 

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