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‘You can ace your studies without being a bookworm’, say CBSE class 10 Term 1 toppers of Apeejay Saket

The students also stressed the importance of indulging in hobbies and quality study sessions



Kush Gupta, the topper of the school with a remarkable 98.4 %, said, “I read the NCERT books thoroughly for each subject except Maths as the subject involves a lot of practice. I broke the syllabus into smaller parts and my strategy was to take continuous breaks rather than studying continuously over the course of several hours as it gives your brain time to recharge. However during your focus sessions, you must eliminate all digital distractions. No phone, no social media, etc.”

Kush said taking some time out to indulge in your hobbies is extremely important. “During exams students must spend some time watching TV, listening to music, doing exercise, painting, or any such activity as they do in normal times. I didn’t compromise on spending time for entertainment. I love playing mobile games for a limited period to relax myself. I also love playing outdoor games which is quite refreshing. Hobbies not only make you relaxed and happy but also boost your self-esteem.”

The topper also busted the myth that one has to be a bookworm to get good grades. “I studied for only 2-3 hours a day. The trick is to have quality study sessions and this can only happen if you stay focussed.  Don’t pretend to study.” 

Mugdha Chauhan, who stood second with 97.2 %, said, “It’s more effective to study a little bit each day for an exam than mugging up at the eleventh hour. That way, you can easily cover your syllabus without burning the midnight oil. The focus should be on quality study as it helps to gain a lot of information and knowledge. The support of teachers and family is also important. Also, attending online classes regularly and listening attentively to teachers help you clear concepts.”

Mughdha also concurred with Kush that studying becomes taxing unless you make your schedule interesting. “Yes, hard work is essential, but it is equally important to slow down and give yourself a break. I am into poetry and I also like to paint. During exams, and even otherwise, such activities help me soothe my nerves.

Mughdha, who wants to become a Professor, said her strategy for the Term 2 examination will more or less remain the same. “Unlike term 1, the second term will feature subjective-type questions, but I won’t change my strategy. I have been regularly doing school assignments and homework, so my writing skills are good as well.”

Four students Nandani SinhaYash KumarRudra Sharma and Kshitij Verma stood third with 95.6 %.

Sharing his success strategy, Yash Kumar said“I thoroughly read the NCERT books and solved a lot of MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions) sample papers. While studying, I put my phone away as excessive mobile phone use leads to poor concentration. I also believe that preparations for the exams should start early.”

Yash too believes thathobbies are essential to keep you in a good mental state. “Hobbies are important to increase your productivity and relieve stress. Talking about myself, I like to play outdoor games and read.”

“May your years ahead continue to be characterized by empathy, compassion, objectivity and a willingness to take risks and above all enjoy success and absorb failures with a smile and a zeal to do better the next time.”


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