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Why an early child educator recommends this pre-school

Ms. Vinita Singh and Mr. Abhinav Vikram enrolled their twin daughters in a school that makes learning fun



Located about six kilometers from the couple’s Delhi residence, Apeejay, Rhythms Kinderworld in Greater Kailash-II was an ideal choice. For Ms. Vinita and Mr. Abhinav, it has been an association of three long years with the school. Their twin daughters, Ira and Arika have spent most of their time with the school’s teachers. Ms. Vinita, an online story-teller, who caters to children aged 5-8 years old, mentions that the school has provided a congenial environment for her daughters. Mr. Abhinav who deals in stocks, says “Ira and Arika have different behaviours and personalities. While Ira is much more outgoing and playful, Arika is a bit shy. But the school has recognised this uniqueness and aided their development smoothly.” Read on, as the duo shares more about their experiences:

Can you help trace Ira and Arika’s progress in the past three years?

Ms. Vinita: Yes. As Abhinav underlined, Ira is the naughtier one and likes to take control of things. Arika is curious but does not open up to new people easily. Nonetheless, both of them are doing great in the school. When we enrolled them, Arika faced a bit of a speech delay, i.e. her spoken words weren’t as clear. And Ira used to do her own thing without taking note of any instructions. However, we have observed immense transformation in them. They love performing in school events and activities, especially on the Annual day.

Mr. Abhinav: Once they became a caterpillar, and the next year they were flamingos. I am amazed at the amount of effort teachers put in to make students learn in school. I remember as we were getting them ready for a school function, they both were so excited. For their parts, they must have tried at least 8-9 takes to get it right. It was fun!

How is the school environment congenial for them?

Ms. Vinita: The school is quick to identify unique traits of a child. They provide each little one their own space to grow. And this was an important criteria for us as we were zeroing down a pre-school for our daughters.

Mr. Abhinav: The school puts no pressure on the children. Whenever our girls return home from the school, they are very enthusiastic to show me what activities they did that day. It never comes across that they feel any hassle in doing new things. In fact, they love every bit of it. The school’s staff is very friendly and they take care of the children. Apeejay, Rhythms keeps things at par and works in tandem with the parents.

Your criteria while selecting Apeejay, Rhythms for your daughters?

Ms. Vinita: I feel that a school should work with the pace of the child. Of course, I understand that each school has a set curriculum, pattern and pedagogy, but in the developmental phase of a child it is crucial that s/he is not lagging behind. Apeejay, Rhythms is ideal because our children get to explore a range of new activities in the school and they learn hands-on.  

Did the girls face any learning difficulties during Covid-19?

Ms. Vinita: Initially, it was slightly challenging for me to manage them both at home. They were very young, hardly 2+ years old. But within 2 months, teachers at Apeejay Rhythms made them feel very comfortable. They set a schedule for our daughters and kept them busy throughout the day. The school introduced many activities even in an online mode and learning did not stop.

How was the environment at home in the pandemic times?

Mr. Abhinav: Each day, the classes were held through a set pattern. My daughters became attuned to it. Very soon, they knew what next would come up. After two months, both of us became mere observers because our daughters were equipped to carry out their class activities independently.

Any learning tools/techniques you feel are most helpful for the twins?

Ms. Vinita: Phonics was introduced to our daughters during the pandemic. And, it was very well incorporated in the syllabus. The school did it very well.

Was coming back to school easy for the twins post Covid-19?

Ms. Vinita: Our daughters have been more than willing to go to the school physically. Recently, I too got a chance to attend a ‘Music and Movement’ session in the school after a gap of two years. I had a wonderful experience at Apeejay, Rhythms. The school welcomed parents and students with lots of love and warmth. It was an honour to be there and the session was well-organised.

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