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Value of Zero



By Janvi Sharma

Once upon a time, there was a mathematician. He invited all the numbers from 0-9 to his house. The time to reach the location was 4 pm, but everyone reached 5 minutes early. They all started talking about their importance but zero was quiet.

After hearing every number’s importance, he lied that he is sick and told them that he is going back home.

After the clock struck 4 pm, the mathematician came and saw zero crying behind a tree. He asked zero ‘Why are you crying?’ Zero said ‘He is upset as he has no value’.

The mathematician then took him in front of all numbers and asked them to stand on the left of zero. One by one every number started standing on the left of zero. And then, the mathematician told zero “You have a value, see if you are applied on the right of every number the number’s value increases. You are valued a lot and without you, our number system cannot extend after nine.”

So, this story gives us a lesson that everything has its own value.

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