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Tricolour kitchenette activity to science experiments: Preschoolers learn about India through play

The activities, which were planned as part of the Independence Day celebrations, were designed to develop children’s love and respect for their country



Apeejay School, Panchsheel Park, engaged its pre-primary students in a plethora of exciting activities themed on Independence Day. The celebrations came as a prequel to the grand occasion of the 75th anniversary of Indian Independence Day. Meanwhile, the country has also been celebrating “Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav”, led by the government, on completing 75 years of independence.

“The activities were planned so as to inculcate values of an integrated nation in kids and make them respect and feel for their country, India. That was the thought behind the events,” said Shalini Kaul, pre-primary incharge, Apeejay Panchsheel Park.

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Playful learning 

While educating young children about their country, the activities were designed to also boost their cognitive and motor skills. The kindergarten teachers, for instance, conducted a tricolour science experiment for the kids called “Flag Tower”, using layers of coloured water in a glass, which gave them the opportunity to create and learn simultaneously. While learning about the three colours on the Indian flag, they were also introduced to the concept of density.

The young students were also taken on a virtual heritage walk. They were shown a presentation on the popular monuments of India that are beautiful specimens of our rich heritage and diverse cultures that shaped the nation over generations. The virtual heritage tour was made to instill in children a sense of pride in their country.

The kindergarten students also enthusiastically participated in a coconut laddu kitchenette activity where children made laddus using coconut powder and condensed milk, tricolour kite-making activity, role play on living legends, and a special Independence Day-themed assembly along with students of nursery and class 1.

Building fine motor skills

For nursery students, the teachers organised an interesting tearing paper and pasting activity. Students drew the Indian flag on chart paper. Then, they tore saffron, white, and green-coloured papers and used them to colour the national flag. Tearing paper requires strength and endurance of the small muscles in the hands and, therefore, is a good activity for developing fine motor skills.

Finally, the children held the flag on a stick and sang the song “Teen rang ka apna jhanda…”.

The students drew doves a symbol of peace with Tiranga and paid a rich tribute to the martyrs and leaders who sacrificed their lives in the strife for India’s freedom. Some of the other events prepared for nursery students included a tricolour show and tell activity, a a tricolour rakhi-making activity, tricolour kitchenette activity, and a tricolour science experiment.

Understanding patriotism

Meanwhile, the students of class 1 were also thrilled to participate in several activities as part of the Independence Day celebrations. They participated in a collage-making activity based on famous Indian personalities. The children brilliantly put forward the thought of patriotism through this activity as they celebrated the laurels of these personalities from the field of science, technology, sports, art, and culture. Some of the other activities included a tricolour cucumber boat kitchenette activity, a quiz on India, science experiments, and also a dress and tell activity themed on ‘Unity in Diversity’ where students had to represent states of India. For the kitchenette activity, they made tricolour sandwiches using bread, cucumber, mayonnaise, and carrot. The exercise was not only fun-filled but was also a way of teaching kids the importance of healthy eating.

Meanwhile, the students of classes 2 and 3 showcased their oratory skills in a poem recitation activity on the theme ‘I am a patriot’. They dressed in tricolour attires as they expressed patriotic feelings through their poems. They were also taught about the national symbols and the significance of the tricolour flag.

All the students had a memorable experience. They actively participated in all the activities by keeping their spirits high and exhibiting an enthusiastic attitude.

Disha Roy Choudhury is a Principal Correspondent at Apeejay Newsroom. She has worked as a journalist at different media organisations. She is also passionate about music and has participated in reality shows.