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‘This school’s ethos emphasised excellence and holistic growth’

The alumna of Apeejay School, Faridabad, says that her teachers were the backbone of learning and personal development



Most of us have cherished memories when it comes to the time spent at school. This is because school days are vibrant occasions that remain etched in the hearts of students long after they’ve left the corridors of their alma maters. These special events break the monotony of routine with laughter, excitement, and a treasure trove of memories.

From spirited sports competitions to creative art exhibits and themed costume days, each activity is designed to foster camaraderie, encourage teamwork, and showcase diverse talents. As students participate in these joyful gatherings, they not only build lifelong friendships but also develop a deeper connection with their school community, carrying these cherished memories well into the future.

Meet one such student – Dr Geetanjali Nanda of batch 1997 – from Apeejay School, Faridabad, Sector 15.  In a candid conversation, she talked about how her Biology teacher propelled her on her current path.

Tell us about yourself.

I am Dr Geetanjali Nanda, and I was born and raised in Faridabad. I completed my schooling at Apeejay. I passed out of class XII in 1997. At that time, I topped the school and got selected for the All India PMT entrance exam on my first attempt. I went to Ahmedabad and completed my MBBS. I then went on to do an MD in radiology. Later, I went on to specialise in MRI.

Why did you choose radiology as your specialisation? 

Initially, radiology wasn’t very popular because the only modalities available were X-ray and ultrasound. However, by the time I entered the field, there had been significant advancements in CT scans and MRIs. It became very intriguing because we could diagnose many conditions quickly, aiding in the faster treatment of patients.

What is a typical day like for you, and what challenges do you face?

Currently, I specialize in MRIs. I work at one of the biggest centres in Delhi, where we conduct about 100 MRIs daily, ranging from paediatric to geriatric cases. It’s challenging because each case varies significantly – from simple headaches to more complex conditions, each requiring a thorough understanding to provide accurate diagnoses. Also, each case that we get is different and for that, we need to keep ourselves updated with what is happening globally. This means reading journals daily. It’s crucial to stay informed about the latest developments in radiology to provide accurate diagnoses and not just write “unknown” in the reports.

Can you share some experiences from your time at Apeejay?

I joined the school in class XI and it was one of the wisest decisions I made. The school housed the best students from various schools, creating a competitive yet healthy environment. I am particularly thankful to my teachers, especially those who taught Physics, Chemistry, and Biology, who significantly influenced my academic success. We had a strong community, often helping each other with studies and other activities.

What impact did your teachers at Apeejay have on you? 

The teachers at Apeejay were excellent. I believe that teachers play a critical role in shaping a student’s future. They were the backbone of our learning and personal development during my time there. In my case, it was my Biology teacher who propelled me in my current career.

What are some fond memories from your school days at Apeejay? 

The camaraderie among students was remarkable. We were all very supportive, helping each other with studies and extracurricular activities without any reservations about personal space, which is rare today.

What did you learn at Apeejay that has stayed with you?

The most brilliant minds I met at Apeejay were also the most humble. The ethos of the school was focused on excellence and holistic development, allowing me to balance academics, dance, and basketball without any undue pressure.

What advice would you give to current class XII students preparing for the NEET exam?

It’s important to remain relaxed to perform well. Don’t just study intensively; allocate time for personal relaxation and social activities. Ensure you are pursuing a medical career out of genuine interest, not just to please others, as the field requires significant commitment and resilience.

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