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The Black Forest



By Sanskriti Saini

Once upon a time, I (Tina) and four of my friends, Reena, Abhay, Annanya and Vandita were getting bored while sitting at my house. So, I suddenly came up with an idea and exclaimed, “Friends! Let’s plan a trip to a haunted place.”

Annanya and Vandita agreed to this. Vandita said, “That’s a good idea! But why a haunted place? I replied, “Oh come on! There is nothing to worry about. It will be so much fun.” And so, all of us started searching for a haunted place over the internet that we could visit. Abhay shouted, “Listen, there is a forest known as ‘THE BLACK FOREST’, near our college. We can easily travel there. Shall we go? 

I replied, “Wow, this is so cool and adventurous. A haunted forest! Let’s make a move.”

But finally, we concluded that we should plan our visit for the next day. The next morning, we sat in a car and started travelling towards the forest while singing songs and playing games. After an hour, we were almost stopped in the middle of the forest. Since I was driving, I got down to check what had happened to the car. I also thought I heard a voice screaming in pain. It was shocking that nobody could hear that voice except me.

My friends thought that I got scared, and that’s why I was cooking up stories. So, for the next two hours, we were continuously walking in the jungle. Then, Reena saw a river. She asked everyone if we could sit near it since she was very tired. Everyone welcomed the suggestion.

After a while, we started trekking again. There was nothing haunted we found in the jungle. And so, we decided to return home. As we were heading towards our car, we saw a dark lonely house in the middle of the forest.

We entered it and saw a chair moving on its own. All of us were very scared. We heard some creepy noises at the same time and started running towards the car.

Suddenly, Abhay and Reena saw that the same river had turned into blood. Thankfully, our car was now working fine. And I drove it out of that forest at full speed.

Shortly, my alarm rang. I woke up sweaty, and then took a deep breath. I realised this was just a nightmare and thanked god for my health and safety. After that, I tried to sleep again…