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The best thing about Apeejay Svran Global School, Faridabad, is that it helps students overcome stage fear: Shefali Gupta



Shefali Gupta with her husband Manu Gupta and
daughter Devishi

Shefali Gupta is a former lawyer and present homemaker while her husband Manu Gupta is a businessman. The couple are parents of Devishi, a class 8 student studying in Apeejay Svran Global School, Faridabad. In an interview, she elaborates upon how the school helps children realise their full potential.

What made you pick Apeejay?
To begin with, the school is just a stone’s throw away from my house. Secondly, Apeejay is a reputed brand in the field of education and for some reason if we had to shift to some other location, we will most probably find another branch of Apeejay School. Thirdly, we really liked the pleasant disposition of Purnima Vohra, the former principal of the school. All these factors prompted us to get Devishi admitted to Nursery.

How has your experience been so far?
The best thing about Apeejay is that it helps students overcome stage fear. I don’t think there’s any student from Devishi’s class who hasn’t participated in a competition. Teachers encourage students to participate in extracurricular activities. I have noticed that the English-speaking skills of each student have improved over the years. The students have also grown in confidence. Due to online classes, I have closely observed these developments. Another thing that’s worth complimenting is the constant support and guidance of teachers. For example, Devishi was in a dilemma whether to choose Sanskrit or French in class 6. Her French teacher, Tanvi Ma’am, encouraged Devishi to go with French and till now my daughter has not taken any French tuition classes. Teachers regularly interact with parents and respond to their queries. I also like to point out that everyone in the school — from teachers to the security staff — is courteous to students.

Does Devishi participate in extracurricular activities?
Yes. Devishi participates in all kinds of extracurricular activities and has won various competitions. She is also learning Kathak for the last two years under the guidance of Pragya Ma’am. Her sketching has also improved under the tutorship of Anjali Ma’am. Extracurricular activities are a must for students as they help them relax and expand their horizons. They are also vital for the development of personality.

Share with us some moments that touched you deeply?
When Devishi was in KG, she fell extremely sick and we had to admit her to the hospital. Devishi wanted to speak to Ms. Purnima, so we called Ma’am and requested her to have a word with Devishi. I remember Devishi was on cloud nine after speaking to Ms. Purnima. I have seen so many parents complaining that Principals usually don’t have time for them. I would like to share another memorable moment. Devishi along with other students went on an excursion trip. For some reason, I got late to pick up Devishi. I was so relieved to see Ms. Purnima waiting for me at the school with Devishi. It shows that the safety of kids is of paramount importance to school.

“The school made a transition from online to offline learning in a jiffy. Since then, the online classes are going really well. Teachers are putting in a lot of effort.”

-Shefali Gupta

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