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‘The Apeejay management displayed a lot of empathy amid the pandemic’

Savita Das, mother of Manya Das, a class 7 student from Apeejay School Kharghar, recalls how the school supported parents and students throughout the Covid-19 crisis.



As a parent, Savita Das wanted her daughter Manya to not just get the best of education but also learn other necessary life skills for her all-round development. That is what her school, Apeejay School Kharghar, has also ensured, the mother says. In an interview, she tells us how the schoolteachers take extra care to motivate each and every student in class. Excerpts:

How long has Manya been in Apeejay School, Kharghar?

Manya is in class 7 now. She has been in Apeejay School, Kharghar since nursery. Both my daughter and I are very happy with the school. We have now shifted to Panvel from Kharghar, but Manya insisted that we don’t change her school, even if it is far from home now.

What is it about the school that interested you in the first place?

When we were in Kharghar, we came across many children who study in Apeejay. We were looking for a CBSE school that gave more emphasis on activity-based learning. In today’s scenario, it is important to go beyond books. Keeping all this in mind, we found Apeejay to be the perfect fit.

In pre-primary classes, for instance, students are engaged in playful learning. Teachers make sure that students never get bored in their classes. This, in turn, also motivates children to learn.

Does the school meet your expectations in terms of the learning process?

Yes, teachers explain theories with real-life examples which makes them relatable. Apeejay focuses on conceptual learning and that has proved to be really good for Manya. She was once teaching her five-year-old sister to count numbers and I was amazed at the way she was explaining it! Of course, she learned all of it from school!

Apart from academics, what are the other things that Manya has learned at school over the years?

We were looking at wholesome development for our child. Apart from the usual subjects taught in school, Manya has also developed an interest in extra-curricular activities. She is good at creative writing and has always been encouraged by her school.

During vacations, the students are given art-integrated projects, some of which also require you to work in groups, which teaches them teamwork. But it is not like students can just pick their friends. The groups are created by the teachers, which means a child may end up with a classmate who he or she may not know that well. So, they learn social skills. Besides, teachers also help inculcate leadership qualities in students.

How supportive has the school been during the pandemic?

I would like to especially thank the management for showing immense cooperation amid the pandemic. Some parents faced a financial crisis due to job loss, but the school principal was extremely supportive in this situation.  

With online classes, parents have been able to watch teacher-student interactions very closely. What have your observations been?

In online classes, I have seen how teachers encourage each and every student to interact. There are those who may know the answers and are too shy to speak in class, but with little help, they are able to overcome any hesitation. At the same time, teachers make the children self-reliant by encouraging them to do assignments on their own. In the case of Manya, I have never had any trouble during online classes—she has pretty much managed it all on her own.

How is the relationship between parents and teachers?

Not just parent-teacher meetings, teachers are usually always available to address all your queries. Sometimes, they even call after school hours to interact with students and parents. They always give their 100%!

Disha Roy Choudhury is a Principal Correspondent at Apeejay Newsroom. She has worked as a journalist at different media organisations. She is also passionate about music and has participated in reality shows.

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