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‘Thanks to Apeejay, Noida, my 4-year-old child recites poems fluently and gives solo performances’



Ms. Shilpi Mathur’s adorable son Reyansh Pandey is in KG, Apeejay School, Noida. She is delighted with Apeejay School for playing a key role in the holistic development of her child. Read on…

Are you happy with your child’s progress?

I would like to mention that I am an alumnus of Apeejay School, Noida, 2004 batch. During my school days, I shared a great rapport with my teachers. Their teaching style was incredible. I am happy to state that my son is also benefiting immensely from the school. Earlier my son had a problem in reciting poems, he was having difficulty in pronouncing words. The teachers put in a lot of hard work and encouraged him to do solo performances, be it a skit, a recitation, a song or a prayer. Now, my son loves reciting poems and narrating stories. In fact, he has fallen in love with fictional characters so much that he thinks of himself as a ‘Bandar’ or ‘Topiwala’.  His public speaking skills have improved a lot.

What do you like the most about the teachers?

I love how teachers give individual attention to students. This is simply commendable. I would especially like to mention about Ms. Sandhya Mehta, nursery class teacher. She observes every student minutely and conducts interesting online activities for students, like asking children ‘to get something of red colour from the house.’  Even with limitations of online teaching she improved my son’s reading skills. Last year Ms. Sandhya finished the syllabus by January and in the evening she used to work with students to improve their soft skills. She gives extra attention to students who face problems in learning. I also love how my son’s current class teacher, Ms. Ritu Khare, gives special attention to cursive writing. I also get regular feedback from teachers on my child’s progress. Whenever I have reached out to teachers for advice or consultation they have always given me time.  

Would you like to share any interesting anecdotes?

Yes, there is (laughs). Last year during Dussehra or Diwali my son dressed up as Ravan. All teachers and even parents praised my son. He was also ecstatic and felt confident about himself.

Is your child being taught about COVID appropriate behaviour?

Yes. Ms. Sandhya made my son learn how to wash hands properly. She asked Reyansh to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ while scrubbing hands. That’s quite a smart way to teach children to learn new things. She advised Reyansh not to go out and taught him interesting indoor games like putting a basket at a distance and throwing a ball in it. He was taught about sneezing etiquette and that he should always carry a handkerchief with him. My son has become particular about his personal hygiene and he has started showering twice a day.  

Initially, my son never used to sit down during online classes. But, Ms. Sandhya, his nursery class teacher, cajoled and pampered him to change his behaviour. The teachers’ of Apeejay School know how to handle naughty children and bring the best out of them.  

-Ms. Shilpi Mathur

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