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Teachers at Apeejay are doing a phenomenal job with online classes: Sonia Sehgal



Sonia Sehgal
Sonia Sehgal with her daughter Riddhi

Sonia Sehgal, a former teacher, talks about her experience of choosing the best school for her second child Riddhi (6). She shares the learnings she acquired via her daughter’s online classes. Read on.

Tell us something about yourself?

I am a 43-years-old homemaker. I was a teacher but have left my job to take care of my child. I worked in India for seven years and in 2009, we moved to Australia, where I did my diploma in children services. I then started working in Melbourne for six years as a teacher in kindergarten. When I was seven months pregnant with my second child, we came back to India. My husband is a businessman. He deals in spare parts of motor vehicles. My son Manik Sehgal is 20 years old and will pursue his graduation in Canada. My six –year-old daughter Riddhi is studying in Class 1 of Apeejay School, Tanda Road, Jalandhar.

Why did you choose Apeejay School?

When I was searching for a school for my daughter, I visited Apeejay School on the recommendation of my relatives. I just loved the behaviour of the teachers and the atmosphere and I got positive vibes. Somehow, it didn’t work out and we got Riddhi’s admission to another school.  It was the worst decision we could have made. After six months, we took her out of that school. We again went back to Apeejay and we were overwhelmed when they welcomed us with open hearts.

It is worth mentioning that Riddhi’s behaviour changed within two days. She was so happy to go to school. I was regretting our decision of sending her to another school. The teachers at Apeejay gave us the assurance that they will take care of my daughter. Now my daughter is really being pampered by the teachers.

Your views on the conduct of online classes?

The teachers are doing a phenomenal job. There has not been a single day when either Riddhi or I have felt that schools are closed. The virtual classes and the schooling is functional in the same way as it was when offline. Every day there is proper assembly that starts with a prayer, thought of the day, news etc. A day prior, we get all the notifications and duty charts. The teachers are giving 100%.

You won’t believe that even I have learnt a lot of things from my daughter’s online classes. I have become so good at art.

Any personality traits that your daughter has developed in school?

I must appreciate that Riddhi has learnt good values from the school. While attending online classes, she has developed an interest in arts. She is so influenced and inspired by her art teacher that she has started copying her. She talks in the same accent as that of the art teacher. Now she is saying that she wants to become an artist.

How has your interaction with the teachers been?

They are very cooperative. Each teacher is supportive and they listen to us. We are attending the online parent teacher meetings.

“If I were to acquire a magical power, I would make it mandatory for all parents to send their kids to Apeejay.”

-Sonia Sehgal

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